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WATCH: The Test of True Love Is Time

They say you never forget your first love. What about all those that follow? We tend to think that they stick with you, too.

Back in 2010, performance artist Marina Abramović performed in her own retrospective at the MoMa. The piece, titled "The Artist is Present" involved her sitting in a room while complete strangers came up to the seat across from her. She locked eyes with them for a minute. Then, another would sit down. We can imagine that the experience was not only incredibly emotional, but also very taxing.

But then, an unexpected person sat down in the chair—a past lover. In the 1970s, Ulay and Marina had shared a great romance, and when it eventually ended, the pair traveled to China and walked the Great Wall from opposite ends, meeting in the middle for one last hug. Even their goodbye was poetic.

Ulay sat down in the seat across from her and everything came rushing back. It is one of the most touching moments we've seen in a while, especially considering it's completely silent and takes place in a room with hundreds of strangers staring. Just watch, and maybe grab some tissues.

Image via Youtube

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