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Meet a 5-Year-Old Geography Genius

A while back, we introduced you to a 17-month-old who was crazy-good with his capitals—he knew the capitals of more than 50 countries. But just this week, Jimmy Kimmel welcomed another child prodigy to his show. He's adorable, smart and really quite funny.

Five-year-old Arden Hayes knows all the countries in the world, their capitals and if countries have changed titles or broken apart—for instance, he criticized Kimmel's map hanging up on set, saying that it didn't have the correct split of Sudan and South Sudan. "It broke up into two countries," Arden said, surprised that the map was wrong. Kimmel joked saying, "It's ridiculous, you'd think everyone would know that!" Arden laughed and said, "Yeah ... but no one does!"

Kimmel went on to quiz Arden on his geography knowledge, and the kid passed with flying colors. He even got all the pronunciations right. (How do you pronounce Kyrgyzstan? Arden knew.) He reassured Kimmel that if he pronounced anything wrong, it was OK. He wouldn't be offended. He gets all the answers right without skipping a beat; just watch. You'll be impressed, too.

Image via Youtube

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