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Tormented Teen's Mom Sues Bully's Parents

110613 Bullying victim Caitlin Rocco, 16, a highschool senior sitting in her Howard Beach, Queens, home.  news MATT

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." In the case of a bullied teenage girl from Queens, N.Y., her parents have tried multiple remedies to their problem, yet none have worked. So they're trying one last thing: a lawsuit.

Caitlin Rocco, 16, has been bullied for years. At times it became so bad that she was hospitalized for suicidal thoughts. She told the New York Post that kids threatened her with rape and even murder.

After administrators attempted to remedy the situation by having the teenager skip a grade in an effort to reset the proverbial clock, Caitlin's situation didn't improve. But Marah, Caitlin's mom, doesn't think the school did enough: “[They] wait out the victims, because the students who are bullied either graduate, they drop out—or they commit suicide. My question is: How many dead children do we have to have before this country takes bullying seriously?”

So Marah has decided to go to the source: the parents of the most unruly bullies. She says, “Parents need to be clear that if their children are bullying they need to stop. Bullies are often bullied at home. This is learned behavior.”

We agree to a certain extent that parents should be able to educate their teens about the proper behaviors toward their fellow students, and other humans in general. But, once kids get on the bus and go off to school, parents are often oblivious to their child's actions, unless the school notifies them of problems. Considering this, the Rocco family's lawyer is also naming the Department of Education as a defendant in the suit.

What do you think? Can a lawsuit really solve anything?

Image via Matthew McDermott

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