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WATCH: The Beauty of Motherhood, Captured in a Single Day

Short film captures stay-at-home mom's day

Ever stop to think about just how much you do for your kids in a single day? Well, someone did.

That someone is filmmaker Matt Bieler, who created the short 3 Queens after watching, in amazement, his own sister care for her three young daughters. "It made me think back to what a superstar my own mother was raising myself and my two sisters as a young mom and the selflessness that entails," he told HuffPost Parents.

And so he set out to capture just that—the tiny, beautiful, everyday moments that seem to mean nothing at the time but at the end of the day add up to mean so much. The hair braiding before school. The careful breakfast making. The giving of baths, reading stories, and tucking each and every kid in at night. The kisses, hugs, smiles, sighs. And the tired puddle of exhaustion you melt into each night after it's all over.

It is, in a word, beautiful.

Bieler specifically follows three different stay-at-home moms throughout their days (one of whom, though not named, is his sister) in just two-and-a-half short minutes. By the clip's end, you feel as though you've lived the entire day with them. (In all its beautifully ordinary and completely exhausting glory.)

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