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Kelly Clarkson Is Trying to Get Pregnant (and Wants Everyone to Know)

Kelly Clarkson talks babies with Jay Leno

Attention, world: In case you missed those over-the-top engagement photos, news of the secret wedding, and anything Kelly Clarkson's been saying for the last year, allow us to update you: The girl is in love. And we couldn't be more happy for her! Though it does seem like a recent visit to The Tonight Show led to some serious oversharing we wish we could un-hear...

The "Tie It Up" singer swung by Leno's couch on November 11 and gushed over her new husband, Brandon Blackstock (who just so happens to also be the son of her manager and stepson of country singer Reba McIntire). While she was there, she also managed to slip a few words about all the sex they've been having lately.

It all started off when Leno asked her point-blank, "Are you pregnant right now?" (To which every woman watching no doubt rolled their eyes, because really, Jay—don't you know you can't ask that?!) "What are you saying?" responded Clarkson.

"I always get the stars that come and go, ‘I'm thinking about having a baby,' and then the next week they go on Ellen and announce it there," Leno continued. "So, I'm asking you, are you pregnant? Remember, you are under oath!"

"We are not announcing anything right now," Clarkson insisted. Which just kind of made it sound like maybe she was. "We're not, no!"

But that's when she went one step further and said that while they're not pregnant now, they sure are "trying, trying, trying ... like rabbits!"

As you might imagine, that's when things got a tad uncomfortable. Though to be fair, though, we can't place all the blame on her—Leno really was trying to force a baby announcement out of her. He just got a lot more inside info than he was looking for...

Clarkson went on to explain that while she never really wanted kids before, being a stepmom to Blackstone's kids from a previous marriage (Savannah, 11, and Seth, 7) has made her want "like five."

Watch the clip:

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