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Judge Orders Mom to Stop Breast-Feeding

Judge orders mom to stop breastfeeding

A fierce custody battle between a Pennsylvania mother and father took a bitter turn this week, when a judge ordered that the father be granted overnight stays with his child twice a week. Sounds pretty fair, right? Except for the fact that the child is really a 10-month-old who exclusively breast-feeds and won't take a bottle. That's when the judge ordered the mother to quit breast-feeding and give the kid formula instead. Oh yes, problem solved there, your honor!

As you might imagine, that ruling didn't go over too well with the baby's mother, Jessica Moser, who feels "very passionately" about giving her daughter Jasmine breast milk over formula. In fact, she's pretty livid about the whole thing and is speaking publicly to get the order reversed.

"I'm feeling frustrated and hurt," Moser told the local station WFMZ. I'm trying to keep myself from crying, it's very emotional."

According to Moser, she spoke up about her concerns over feeding her daughter, but was rebuffed by the judge.

"He did say something along the lines like, 'Well she should be on formula?' or 'Why isn't she on formula? She should be able to have formula at 10 months.'"

OK, not cool.

Clearly the judge's intentions were to give the father the right to spend time with his daughter, too. But can those rights really trump a mother's right to feed her child the way she chooses? Particularly when breast-feeding for six months or longer has been strongly urged by the World Health Organization?

Not surprisingly, this story has been making the rounds in the blogosphere, and getting more than a few moms fired up. As Frances Locke on Mommyish bluntly writes, "I think the judge in this case is a douche and the father should be ashamed."

This is the second time in one week a breast-feeding controversy out of Pennsylvania has hit the headlines. Back on Monday, we told you about mom Bobbi Bockoras, who was literally bounced around like Milton in Office Space until she was sent to a dirty locker room to pump. A class action lawsuit has since been filed.

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What do you think of this case?

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