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Mom Blogger Ignites Controversy Over Post

Every now and then a rebel mom comes out of the woodwork with a rant about parenting, bullying, diet ... you name it. And more often than not, she gets a ton of attention for her opinions. We're all for freedom of speech—don't get us wrong—but sometimes it seems like some women are just looking to get attention.

Last month, a South Dakota mom posted about her two sons on her blog. She spoke about guns and how her little boys should be able to run around with toy versions like the good old days, so to speak. She seems to pine after a simpler time ... and you know what? So do we—we'd love to go back to when gun violence wasn't such a problem in schools; but, sadly, we can't go back. Diligence and awareness stop tragedies from happening and save lives, you guessed it, of children.

And that brings us to her other point about bullying. She again mentions a time when bullying involved "slamming someone up against a locker." Ah, nostalgia. Yet, mom blogger Stephanie Metz doesn't seem to think that happens anymore. Instead, she says, "Now, if Sally calls Susie a b***h, Susie's whole world crumbles around her, she contemplates suicide and this society encourages her to feel like her world truly has ended."

The fact that Metz trivializes bullying and belittles one person's experience over another makes us, well, angry. Bullying, no matter how physical or emotional it may be, is still bullying. It still has been proven to have psychological and physiological effects on kids. This isn't made-up, nor is it a "pity party," as Metz puts it. It is one thing: science.

Metz discusses a few other topics and finishes it all off, bragging about the gentlemen her two boys will turn out to be...

What do you think about Metz's comments? Do you agree with her opinions?

Image via ViralNova.com

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