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Obama Lets Health Insurance Companies Extend Plans

Photograph by Getty Images

President Barack Obama announced on Thursday that insurance companies can now extend plans to those whose insurance had been cancelled due to changing standards of the Affordable Care Act, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Obama had been facing mounting criticism after millions of Americans had seen their health insurance plans cancelled, something the president said would not happen with the enactment of the new health care law that took effect on Oct. 1.

Add to that a "poorly functioning website []," writes the New York Times, and the news that only 106,000 people had signed up for insurance on, and the president changed course to say that insurance plans could be extended through 2014 for those who'd lost their plans.

Insurance companies, however, "would be required to notify the policy holder of alternative available coverage options, as well any benefits they might lose by staying on their existing plan," according to the New York Times.

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