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Is This the Best Way to Make a Weekend Seem Longer?

Attractive brunette woman posing while lying on a sofa
Photograph by Getty Images/Wavebreak Media

Oh, weekends—a time to relax, spend time with the kids, possibly sleep in, see friends ... the list goes on. But sometimes, we just want to do one or two of those things: sleep in and relax. Hanging around in our most comfortable sweater on the couch sounds like an appealing proposition right now. But after a lazy weekend, do you ever get the feeling that it went by in a flash? Well, a new survey might have the key to making your two-day respite seem a little bit longer.

The popular ticket Web site, StubHub polled 2,000 people about their weekend activities and found something a bit surprising: Those who packed their weekends with fun, and time-consuming, activities found that their weekends seemed to last longer. According to the results, "Going out left half of people happier, 28 percent of them more rested and a fifth of them more positive when they returned to their desks." Sounds like a win-win.

While the survey only polled people on StubHub, we can imagine that similar results would be found for people who were just generally more active with social engagements, plans, etc., over the weekend. Then again, unfortunately, packing your weekend with things to do doesn't actually make your weekend longer. Alas, we'll have to look forward to those national holidays and vacation days for some real results. Until then, we'll play it by ear if we're going to sleep in or get up and be productive.

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