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Tim Gunn Launches Scholastic's Math@Work Series

When we were kids, we remember sitting though math class thinking, "When am I ever going to use this again?" But the truth is, we did use it again. Whether it's figuring out a tip on a restaurant bill or calculating how long it'll take us to do something at work over the next few days, accounting for meeting times, we've found math quite helpful. So when kids ask us why they have to take math, we've had years to prepare and give a good answer.

Scholastic recognizes the importance of math, too. They want to teach kids about how it will help them far beyond middle school and high school, and well into their careers. To prove their point, Scholastic enlisted some of the biggest names in multiple industries to teach kids, through webinars, about how math is used in the workplace—even fashion!

To kick off the series, Tim Gunn, Project Runway host and fashion icon, takes a few lucky aspiring teen designers around New York City, showing them everything from the fabric store—where they solve math problems like how much fabric they need to buy and how much it will cost—to famed designer Diane von Furstenberg's store—where she talks about the importance of math in her work.

Get a sneak peak at the episode below and then watch the show's premiere here! We can't wait to see who Scholastic has lined up next.

Image via Scholastic

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