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Do You Know Your Dog Breeds?

As there's an abundance of AKC registered dog breeds, some are bound to look very similar. You might think you know for certain what breed a dog is, but you might be incorrect. For example, a common mixup are Italian Greyhounds and Whippets; they can look almost identical. However, the smallest variable could be the determining factor of a dog's breed.

For those of you who grew up reading dog encyclopedias and researching breeds, this could be a synch. But, nevertheless, there are many people who have difficulties telling the difference between look-alike breeds.

Just in case you need to refresh your memory, or maybe you just want to learn about differences among similar-looking breeds, we've put together a visual of common dog breeds that are tough to distinguish between.

We hope this helps you out the next time you try to accurately guess the breed of someone's pooch at the dog park!

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