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Cats in Hats: Etsy Photos Go Viral

There’s just something about cats and the Internet that make for an explosively viral combination: fat cats, talking cats, cats riding on Roombas ... all have reached mega-share status. And just when you thought that fanatics had scraped every corner of the cat kingdom for ideas, another one reaches out and socks us in the gut with a furry paw: cats in hand-sewn hats.

The ingenious seamstress behind these creations is Meredith Yarborough from Florence, South Connecticut. “Hi, I'm Meredith,” she says on her Etsy account. “I'm the mother of three awesome children, five crazy cats, two wild dogs, and an elderly leopard gecko named Shakespeare. I fell in love with knitting and crochet a few years ago while working in a local craft store. I am constantly striving to improve my techniques and broaden my skills. There is always room to grow and learn in needlework, as in all aspects of life.”

She started out knitting hats for kids, then deciding her own feline pets deserved to take part in this fashion statement as well. She started out at Christmas by knitting a cat-size Santa hat, and her collection grew from there to include pointy birthday party hats, lion’s mane “costume hats” (shown above) and more. To date, she’s knitted over 200 cat hats, and gotten her own pet cats to model them.

“In the beginning, my cats were somewhat hesitant to wear any article of clothing,” she admitted to the Daily Mail. “But with patience and repetition, they have come to accept it as the normal routine.” Hats off to you, Meredith.

Photo via Etsy

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