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The Most Common Birth Defect You've Never Heard Of

Clubfoot is the most common congenital disorder of the legs, and it's noticed by parents and doctors immediately after birth. The disorder, which affects boys twice as commonly as girls, can be present in one or both feet.

Baby Kilian Ferner, who was born with the disorder, has it in both feet. It's a disorder that his mom, Erin Ferner, didn't know much about. "I thought the word club foot was really scary, and that it meant that he had this foot that just didn't work," she said. "It's a lot of fear and a lot of, 'Will he be OK?'"

With medical advances, however, Dr. John Herzenberg of Sinai Hospital of Baltimore says it's nothing to be afraid of. "He'll be able to play sports and do just about anything he wants," he said.

Baby Kilian has undergone the most popular treatment for it, called the Ponseti Method, which involves a series of casts over several months.

"It's kind of like braces for your teeth," says Herzenberg.

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