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Impatient Parents Can Get 3D Fetus

Sure we all are excited by the possibilities of 3D printing, but one entrepreneurial California company is thinking way outside the box. The baby box.

3D Babies will produce exactly that: 3D fetus figurines based on your 3D or 4D sonogram. You just send that image on over, and let the 3D printer do the work. The next thing you know you've got a little plastic fetus just like the one inside your baby! As their company website says, "Imagine holding your baby before he or she is born." Yes, imagine that.

Although 3D Babies doesn't leave all that much to the imagination. If you are so inclined, and have a revealing sonogram, you can also have that 3D baby printed to be anatomically correct. Maybe this could be the right tool for your gender reveal event? Much more specific than a blue or pink cake, that's for sure.

Parents who are willing to fork out between $200-600 can have their very own 3D fetus long before the due date. And if you just want to know what baby North West would look like 3D printed, that will only cost you $250.

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