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Jennifer Love Hewitt Takes Time off for Baby and Maternity Line

Jennifer Love Hewitt always wanted to design a clothing line, but with acting, singing and producing, it was hard to find the time. The Client List star, who's also known for her roles in TV's Party of Five and big-screen franchise I Know What You Did Last Summer, finally found the perfect moment—while pregnant with daughter Autumn, who was born last November. (Autumn's dad is Hewitt's Client List co-star and husband Brian Hallisay.)

"Being pregnant meant I had the time to finally pursue this," Hewitt said in an email interview about her new maternity collection, L by Jennifer Love Hewitt, which officially launches at A Pea in the Pod on April 1.

In addition to checking off "designer" on her (multitasking) mom list, she has the added bonus of helping out a lot of moms-to-be in the process. Here's what else she told mom.me about motherhood and its surprises.

What were some "must-haves" that you incorporated into the design?

My biggest “must-have” was pieces that were both stylish and comfortable and that could work for women throughout their pregnancy and in the months after giving birth.

What has been your most unexpected surprise about motherhood?

Motherhood brings a new wonderful surprise every day, but I was definitely surprised to learn that I could function on next to no sleep, especially in the beginning.

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How have you balanced pregnancy and new motherhood with designing maternity clothes and film/TV?

I was very fortunate to be able to take time off to really enjoy my pregnancy and these first months of motherhood.

You're also a singer. What songs do you like to sing for your daughter?

I make up little songs for her. Or her dad plays the piano.

What milestone are you most looking forward to with your daughter, and why?

All of the milestones are so special, but I’m definitely looking forward to hearing her voice saying her first words.

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