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DIY Baby Shower Party Favors

If you're looking to cut costs -- but not scrimp -- on a friend or family member's baby shower, ditch the store-bought favors and make your own. Whether you're a craft maven or aren't artistic, you can still do it yourself and design personalized favors that coordinate with the shower theme.

Theme Sensitive

Making your own baby shower party favors gives you the freedom to completely coordinate the treats with your theme. Pick one aspect of the party theme and put together a favor that matches it. For example, if you have a nature or spring theme, create bouquets of wild flowers and tie them together with either a blue or pink ribbon, or create washcloth bunnies for an animal theme. Fold a baby-sized washcloth in half and then roll it into a snake-like tube. Bring the two ends together and pinch the folded cloth half-way down. Tie the cloth at the pinch with an elastic or ribbon, making two bunny ears at the top.

Baking Cookies and Cakes

Think back to the goody bags of your youth. While they may have contained cheap little plastic toys, the true joy was in the sugary sweets. Invite your party guests to indulge in a treat or two by baking up party favor delights. Create cute cupcakes that you frost with the baby's "color" -- either blue or pink -- or go with decorated cookies that match your party invitations or decor. Put the treats in a cellophane bag and tie them together with a curled ribbon.

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Candy Confections

If you aren't exactly a baker, you can still make a foodie favor. Fill thoroughly cleaned and dried baby food jars with gummies, chocolate morsels or another favorite candy. Another option is to add the candy to plastic baby bottles or fill cellophane bags. If you choose a jar or bottle as a container, use a puff-paint pen to add the shower date, the mom-to-be's name and a decorative graphic -- such as a pacifier or teddy bear -- to the outside.

Make and Takes

Instead of just handing out party favors, turn them into make-and-take crafts. For example, use fabric pens to decorate plain white t-shirts with the shower date or pictures of baby items such as bottles or cribs. Using the make-and-take party favor approach allows you to double up, offering your guests an artsy alternative to playing soon-to-be-mom games while creating their own party favors. If you don't feel comfortable with running an art-making activity, try something simple, such as filling a baby food jar with bath salts or planting seeds in small pots.

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