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Experiencing Anxiety During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

You've made it through the first two trimesters, and you're getting increasingly antsy as your due date nears. Whether you're worried about the labor and delivery process, aren't sure if you're pregnancy is going as planned or you're stressing over what will happen when the baby finally arrives, experiencing anxiety during the third trimester is normal.

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Labor Pains

Not knowing what to expect during labor and delivery can lead to anxiety during the final trimester of pregnancy. It's common for women to worry about the pain that comes along with the birth process, according to the KidsHealth website. Taking a childbirth preparation class, talking to your doctor about pain management alternatives and discussing delivery with other mothers may help to alleviate some of the anxiety that you're feeling.

Aches, Pains and Changes

Some of the stress that you're feeling may come from not knowing whether the various aches, pains and strange sensations that your body is going through are normal. For example, during the third trimester your breasts may leak colostrum — or pre-milk. This is a normal part of pregnancy. Understanding what is happening to your body during the third trimester can put your worries in perspective. If you have concerns, call your doctor for an explanation.

Baby Fears

As your due date nears it's likely that you're kicking preparations into high gear. You're getting her room ready, buying clothes for her and mentally preparing for her actual arrival. Even though this an exciting time, it's also often riddled with anxiety. Clinical psychologist Charles H. Elliott notes in his article "Baby Anxiety" on the website PsychCentral that soon-to-be parents may stress about the impending responsibilities of having a child or about whether the baby will be healthy. Talking to friends or relatives who already have children can help to ease these anxieties, or at least help you know what to expect.

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Clinical Issues

Sometimes anxiety during pregnancy is part of a greater problem. If you're anxiety is getting in the way of your daily life or you're concerned that you are experiencing more stress than is normal, consult a medical or mental health professional. Even though there are medications available to keep anxiety under control, you -- and most likely, your doctor — may want to abstain from using a pharmacological approach. Other options are available to control your worry. Hypnosis and guided imagery techniques can help you to reduce your anxiety, physician and psychiatrist Dr. Robert London explains in an article titled "Treating Anxiety in Pregnancy Without Meds" on the website Psychology Today.

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