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Pregnancy & Baby Development: Weeks 18-21

During the middle of your second trimester some of the more unpleasant symptoms — such as morning sickness — have begun to subside and your belly shows a definite baby bump. Between weeks 18 and 21 your baby is getting more active, growing a fine coating of hair and growing to a length of up to half a foot or more.

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Week 18

Week 18 marks the first time you're possibly able to feel your baby move. His outer ear is fully formed and he may move when you're around loud noises. He may be slightly longer than 5 inches and weigh almost 7 ounces. During week 18 your doctor will be able to distinguish on an ultrasound whether you're having a boy or girl.

Week 19

Even though your baby is still growing rapidly, she is still most likely just under 7 inches and 7 ounces, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Soft and fine hair is starting to grow on your baby's head. Your baby's kidneys are starting to make urine.

Week 20

By week 20 his skin is protected by the vernix caseosa, a white, creamy substance that keeps your baby's sensitive skin safe. He is growing longer and getting heavier; he is about 10 inches and weighs about 9 ounces. He's also picking up your immunities and making them his own.

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Week 21

Although your baby won't taste real food for some time, her taste buds are developing and she is drinking in your amniotic fluid. She has eyebrows and her eyelids, fingernails and toenails are fully formed.

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