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Tips for Dealing With Bed Rest

It might take minutes, hours or days, but when you're put on bed rest, boredom will come. Being bored gives you time to focus on all the anxieties of pregnancy and motherhood. As your baby grows and strengthens, schedule your days with activities that engage your mind and body safely. It might not feel like it, but this time can benefit you as much as your baby.

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Everything Within Reach

Bed rest is bound to make you feel a bit helpless. The more you can do and get for yourself, the better. Ask your partner to run extension cords near your bed with chargers for all your electronic devices. A small rolling over-bed table, like the type found in hospitals, can hold your laptop and a stack of books. Attach a bedside organizer to the side of your bed -- or set an organizer box on your nightstand -- and fill it with remote controls, a hair brush and rubber bands, lip balm, moisturizer, water bottles and snacks.

Goodbye, To-Do List

Watching DVDs and catching up on the latest books becomes monotonous if it's all you do. Devote a few hours each day to useful activities. Perhaps your favorite charity could use help sending emails for fundraising efforts or your long-ago dreams of writing a book could now be realized. Starting a family tree, organizing photo albums, writing notes of thanks for baby gifts and filling out a birth plan and birth-related insurance paperwork are other practical activities, suggests KidsHealth.

Prepping for Baby

Using your bed rest time to educate yourself should help you feel prepared when your little one is placed in your arms. Arm yourself with a stack of books and magazines about child development and what to expect in the first year. Gather tips and helpful articles about all aspects of parenting, suggests KidsHealth, and stash them in an organizer. Later, when you're faced with a cranky teething baby, you can reach into the "Teething" section of your file and find help.

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Move It

As your treadmill gathers dust, you might start to feel twitchy from a lack of exercise. It's crucial to discuss bed-rest exercises with your doctor before attempting any, but once you get the all-clear, simple stretches can reduce the aches and stress that sometimes accompany bed rest. Avoid any activities that use your stomach muscles or require you to hold your breath or strain, warns Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Neck and shoulder rolls and stretches, arm circles, knee bends and ankle circles can all be done while on bed rest, the center says.

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