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7 Unconventional Things I'm Glad I Had in My Hospital Bag

Photograph by Twenty20

So you're pregnant and you're looking up lists of things not to forget to bring to the hospital for the big event. But they all seem to have the same items. That's great and everything, and you should probably bring most of those things, but I wanted to share a few unconventional items to pack in your bag that I was glad (or wished) I had. So here they are: A few less common things, that you maybe haven't thought of.

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1. Comfortable going-home outfit.

Because that moment when you get to change out of that damn hospital gown and into your own clothes is heavenly. And you might not want to put on the clothes that you arrived in, for obvious reasons. Be sure to pack the right outfit to make you feel and look good! Also, remember that comfort is key. You just gave birth so you want to feel as good as humanly possible. You deserve at least that.

2. Your own pillow.

Again, it's all about comfort, and those hospital pillows leave much to be desired. With your own, it's like bringing a little piece of your comfortable home into your hospital bed and makes a world of difference. It is an easy oversight, since hospitals surely have pillows, but there's something about your pillow that makes your stay a little easier.

3. Dry shampoo.

You might not feel up to showering in the communal shower down the hall in the hospital, but you'll definitely want to freshen up. Bring some dry shampoo and a hairbrush and fake the clean hair look! Fake it 'til you make it, is what I say.

4. Organic products.

If you intend on putting your baby in all organic items, like diapers and wipes, you probably won't find any in the hospital! If this is you, make sure you come prepared with what you plan to use on your sweet baby.

5. White noise app.

If you're in your room alone, this is a great tool to use for you and for baby. You'll love it because it'll drain out the rest of the hospital noise, and Baby loves it because it mimics the sound of the womb that he has just spent nine months in. Bonus: You can download a white noise app to your phone for free!

6. iPod.

For those of us who wish we could have a soundtrack to our lives, this is a great time to get just that. You can curate the perfect playlist and include songs that calm you down (for those super tough contractions), some fun, upbeat ones (for when you feel like screaming) and some that make you smile—because you won't be. Not until you see that precious baby of yours.

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7. Your favorite snacks.

Because labor is going to turn you into a beast who will want to devour whatever you can get your hands on- as well you should! You just birthed a human! But the hospital food can leave something to be desired. So pack your favorite foods, and the most devilishly delicious treats. Nothing is off limits.

What were you glad you had in your hospital bag?

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