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10 Thoughts I Have When Taking an Ovulation Prediction Test

When I got my first ovulation prediction kit, I didn’t know what to do with it. I felt overwhelmed with trying to figure out on which day of my cycle to start it, what time of day to use it and how to read it. Last month, I tested daily for about 10 days or so. This time, I used two a day, waiting until late morning for the first one, until I got a positive result.

These are just some of the thoughts I’ve had while going through numerous ovulation prediction tests.

1. I should mark this cup.

I know it’s been designated as my collection cup, but just in case someone else finds it in the bathroom …

2. I should really read these instructions when I don’t have to go to the bathroom.

With more than one style of ovulation test stashed in the bathroom, it’s important to read the instructions for each one. Waiting until you’re doing the potty dance is probably not the best time to look it over. Until you remember the cup. Grab the cup!

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3. I hope this is the right time to test.

With pregnancy tests, it is pretty clear that the first morning urine is the best time to test. However, it’s not as clear with ovulation tests. You don’t want to get a false positive from hormone buildup overnight, but you don’t want the urine to be too diluted to detect an LH surge. It’s a best guess, timed with when you need to go, though it’s a good idea to test around the same time each day.

4. I hope I don’t spill my pee.

It’s very frustrating when that happens—especially when it drenches a test strip, rendering it unusable, too!

5. Did I lock the door?

Kids ask a lot of questions. I prefer not to have company during these particular bathroom breaks.

6. I feel like a scientist conducting experiments on the bathroom counter.

Especially when I get kits with a dropper.

How the heck am I supposed to read this thing?

7. Should I take another test?

The instructions say once a day, but others recommend twice a day. How many times do I want to deal with these test strips? How long do I wait until the next one? If twice a day is more likely to detect an LH surge, what about testing three times? (No, don’t. Forget I even thought that!)

8. How the heck am I supposed to read this thing?

Ooh, there are two lines, but one is faint. That’s good, right? No, the test line needs to be the same shade or darker than the control line. Now is this one the same, or is it lighter? I can’t tell. If I stare at it long enough maybe it’ll just tell me. Maybe next time I should get the tests with smiley face readings.

9. What if I missed my window?

Negative, again and again. Maybe I did this one too early today. Or too late. What if I’m ovulating right now and don’t know it? Maybe I ovulated two days ago, but the test missed the hormone surge. Of course, I’ll probably ovulate between tests and never know it just like last month. Why can’t my ovaries just tell me it’s time without all this guess work?

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10. Wait, what if it’s positive this time?

Am I supposed to have sex right away? How much time is there before the egg drops? Gosh, I hope the kids sleep good tonight. Can we keep up with baby-making for three days in a row? Good thing we already did it last night, in case this test is positive right now. That gives us a head start.

For the first time since we began trying for Baby No. 3 a couple months ago, I finally got a positive reading on an ovulation prediction test. It was so exciting that I exclaimed, “It’s positive!” to my husband, who was confused and asked if I was pregnant.

Not yet, honey, but we’re getting closer!

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