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Why I Love Pregnancy Sex

Morning sickness, heartburn and feeling huge are not exactly turn-ons, so why should a pregnant woman even bother having sex, when a nap sounds so much more appealing? Because pregnancy sex is weirdly hot and totally worthwhile! Here's why:

1) Increased Libido – Skyrocketing hormones will make you randier than a Ryan Gosling movie ever could. Think of pregnancy as nature's Viagra, and don't let those urges go to waste.

2) More Orgasms – Increased blood flow to all the right spots means an orgasm during sex is practically guaranteed. So this is what it feels like to be a guy! Bonus: Those orgasms help strengthen your pelvic floor in a way that's much more fun than kegel exercises.

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3) You're a Goddess – Your boobs are huge, your skin is glowing and your belly is supposed to be round, so no need to suck in your gut. But if you're not into total nudity right now, one of those babydoll nighties would totally look amazing.

4) Creative Positions – Once you hit the second trimester, missionary is pretty much out of the question, but giddy up, because reverse cowgirl works fine! Having to accommodate the belly encourages you to get a little freaky — and that's a good thing.

Having to accommodate the belly encourages you to get a little freaky — and that's a good thing.

5) Crazy Sex Dreams – Pregnancy sleep brings all kinds of weird dreams, some of which might involve orgies. Waking up thinking naughty thoughts definitely helps prime the pump.

6) You Can't Get Pregnant – It's pretty cool doing the deed when you're neither trying to prevent pregnancy nor attempting to conceive. With no need to keep track of birth control, basal thermometers or ovulation test kits, your mind is totally cleared for sex.

7) The Magic of Oxytocin – Most drugs are forbidden during pregnancy, but oxytocin — the hormone released during orgasm — can actually act as a natural pain reliever. At a time when you're probably experiencing more than your share of backaches, headaches and general discomfort, a guilt-free pain reliever is a beautiful thing.

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8) Feeling Good All Over - Sex can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and help you get a better night's sleep. It's pretty much the antidote to many aggravating pregnancy symptoms, so it's well worth the effort.

9) It Strengthens Your Bond – When you're about to become parents or expand your family, it's extra important to function well as a team. Sex can help deepen your connection as a couple and increase good will (i.e., all of a sudden he's building the crib without you even asking).

10) Credit for Time Served – Once the baby's born, and you're contending with nursing, fatigue and recovery from the, uh, crime scene downstairs, you might not feel like having sex so much (or ever). Both you and your partner will be grateful for those past nine months of sexy time, because the memories may have to last you for a while.

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