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Third Pregnancy Confessions

This month, I’ll be having my third baby.

I felt like I was a pretty low-key first-time mom, but I can certainly tell that I’m a different pregnant woman with my third baby than I was the first or even second time around.

Here are six things that keep reminding me I’m not a first-time mom:

1. The doctor asked if I wanted to get my membranes stripped and I said NO! With my first two, I was so anxious to go into labor and tried all sorts of things, all to no avail (both of them were induced a week after their due dates). This time around, when the doctor asked if I wanted my membranes stripped to see if it would move things along, I said no. I’ll be glad not to be pregnant, but I also know a baby is way easier inside than out, so I’m not dying to rush things along.

2. Hospital bag? What hospital bag? So many first-time moms have that hospital bag packed by the time they hit the third trimester. This time around, I’m three days from my due date and the most I’ve done is gotten out a bag that I might eventually put something in.

3. Time for a new carseat. After two children, that first car seat we bought four years ago was completely trashed. It was stained and no amount of times through the washing machine was going to make it look decent. For a baby that’s going to have mostly hand-me-downs, it’s really nice to have a fresh new carseat.

4. I’m ditching the freezer meals. With my first two babies, I prepped a bunch of freezer meals. And then we ended up eating very few of them. Turns out that neither my husband nor I really like food that’s been sitting in the freezer for weeks. So I’m not even bothering. I’d rather have pancakes or cold cereal than a dish of pasta that was made 6 weeks ago and has been frozen and thawed.

5. I’m going, going, going until the end. About five days before my due date, I went to the grocery store and when the cashier asked when I was due and I said “this Saturday,” she exclaimed, “Girl! What are you doing at the grocery store?” I know from my last two rounds with pregnancy that sitting around waiting to go into labor is just a quick road to insanity for me. Instead, I’m trying to pack in last errands and projects, playdates and lunch out with my husband. There will be plenty of time for hanging out at home once this baby is born.

6. My body is telling me “this isn’t your first rodeo.” I don’t know if it’s because my body is getting worn out by a third pregnancy or if I’m just older than I was on my first pregnancy or a combo of the two, but I’ve had more aches and pains with this pregnancy than my other two put together. I’ve never had that pregnancy waddle before and now I definitely have it.

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