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Second Time's the Charm?

I feel like this is the calm before the storm. This is the last week before the start of my cycle and everything goes to hell. I’ve spent the past month after choosing my egg donor just sitting around. Waiting. I hate waiting.

Whenever Chris and I go on a big trip, I am a total freak in the weeks leading up to it. I just want to go already! I pack as much as humanly possible in advance. I scour the Internet for places to go, even though my husband has already planned out the trip to a T. I spend the weeks restless, antsy, and the night before we are to leave, I can’t sleep in anticipation.

So why should traveling to Texas again to get pregnant be any different?

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I want to book the hotels. I want to pay for the plane tickets. I want to tell my friend and sister in Texas exactly when we are coming. But we have to wait, because it all comes down to when I get my period and when it comes, it leaves no rest for the weary. The day it comes, I am on the phone with both my local and the Texas clinics, coordinating doctor’s orders, scheduling ultrasounds; my medications need to be prescribed and sent to a local specialty pharmacy. The flight and hotels need to be booked and we need to figure out the schedule for our dog and who is caring for him while we are away.

Getting pregnant in another state is not for the faint of heart.

It makes me crabby. Very crabby. I cry. A lot. Chris and I will inevitably fight about multiple aspects of the upcoming trip. I will be stressed out with making sure all the coordination is done appropriately and there is no miscommunication. Miscommunication does not fare well when the timing of everything is down to the hour. It especially doesn’t fare well for an infertile woman.

The only thing that I have on my side that is different from the last trip is that I am now working casually from home and won’t have the stress of trying to get time off. In my job, someone needs to cover my work and when I was last gone for almost two weeks, it made it very stressful right before the trip, to the point that I became sick with a head cold right before our flight, which in turn just added to the overwhelming feelings I was having, thinking I may be too sick for an embryo transfer.

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This time around, I can focus solely on the trip and the transfer without having the added stress of work, of which I am entirely thankful for.

Getting pregnant in another state is not for the faint of heart. I’ve started going back to the gym because exercise, including yoga, has helped me in the past with stress management.

Right now, I seriously need some of that.

Image via Flickr/Col Ford and Natasha de Vere

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