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The Craziest TTC Advice I've Ever Received

When it comes to getting pregnant, everyone has their own idea of how to make it happen quickly. We like to think we have more control over the process than we actually do. I admit to seeking out ideas on how to get pregnant easier and faster. We want to believe there's a magic formula to make it happen when we want it to.

Everything from how often to have sex to which position do it in, everyone has their own two cents to share when they know you want to have a baby. Like with anything personal, some advice is a little bit out there while some seem plausible. Generally people are well intentioned, even if it is unsolicited. I’ve heard to elevate my hips during sex, lay still afterwards and then put my legs up in the air (and other various position-related advice).

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The most common advice seems to be to just relax and not think about it. Recently I read something that said to put a wooden spoon under your bed and a pink bow under your pillow in order to have a girl. It was the oddest conception advice I ever heard of, until I asked my friends to share some of the craziest things they heard while trying to conceive. Read on and laugh.

“Most of the professionals we dealt with were great, just what you'd want, serious and sensitive. With the exception of the third doctor in the practice, who was a dopey youngish man who gave me the worst most uncomfortable IUI ever and then recommended 'the power of positive thinking'! OH I SHOULD HAVE TRIED THAT INSTEAD OF HAVING MY HUSBANDS SPERM CENTRIFUGED AND PUT IN VIA CANNULA THROUGH MY CERVIX.” - Amy H.

“Our doctor asked how we conceived our first child. I said 'while on vacation.' He then suggested we may want to think about going on a vacation since it worked for our first.” - Liz H.

“I was told to use raw egg whites as lubricant. Then was told it would most definitely work since our last name [has egg in it].” - Christal E.

“My best friend's sister's cousin's aunt's therapist's dog walker was trying. As soon as she just relaxed, it happened! So just relax and you'll get pregnant too!" - Victoria S.

“Headstand after sex.” Shary L.

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“Just go home drink a bottle of wine and get frisky—it worked for me.” - Katie C.

“For hubby to forgo underwear and—a favorite—put ice in HIS underwear to cool the testes.” - Teresa R.

“You need to start tracking EVERYTHING, basal temp at 5 a.m. daily, before you ovulate or it's too late.” - Leah L.

What’s the most interesting TTC advice you’ve heard?

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