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Why Try to Conceive in This Crazy World?

With the emergence and proliferation of social media platforms, we are bombarded with news that makes us cringe. Because sensational headlines depicting the horrors of this world equate to more traffic, it seems that all the news is bad news. Every day I fall deeper and deeper into the sad realization that this world is a horrible place to be, and I wonder why anyone with any access to news outlets would ever want to have babies and bring an innocent child into a world that is destroying itself, seemingly intentionally.

Why would couples like Liz and Ted Brown try so hard to adopt a baby that they know will have to live in a world where nearly half a million people are intentionally murdered each year? There are only 11 countries in the world that are not at war right now. How much of a chance do our children have of growing up safely when more than 1100 people were killed by the police in the US in 2014 alone.

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And then there are the doctors who have been arrested after confessing to incorrectly diagnosing cancer to patients just to make money from treatments. Is there such a thing as ethics and compassion anymore? Videos showing brutality are more popular than sitcoms and we keep sharing and scrolling, becoming more and more numb each day. What has this world come to?

When I look at my sons I am envious of them because they are so young and unaware of how dangerous and hurtful this world can be.

Despite all of these horrifying facts, there are still more women receiving invitro fertility treatments than ever before while in China they are killing off baby girls like they are pesky rodents. What does the United States promise to parents that other countries don't? Why does there seem to be a pregnant woman on every corner? Are these couples not watching the news? Why are they not trying to save a precious life from this heartache?

Maybe they have turned off the news and focus on the beauty in the lives of their families, the amazing taste of a sweet strawberry on their tongues or the way the sun shines brightly, promising another chance to get life right. Maybe they realize that humans are becoming smarter and advances in technology are leading the way to a different kind of communication and human interaction. Maybe they see the hope in the eyes of our President, who has survived two terms despite so many obstacles and opposition.

Why would anyone ignore the hopeless conditions and dare to create new life anyway? When I look at my sons I am envious of them because they are so young and unaware of how dangerous and hurtful this world can be. I wonder what happens between the sweet innocence of childhood and the time when the sweetness fades away and is replaced by pain and destructive behavior.

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Why try to conceive a child and become a parent in this crazy world? This cynic does not have an answer but maybe you do. Maybe there's something more, something that's keeping hope going.

Image via Twenty20/livingonmars

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