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Popular Baby Names Inspired by Musicians

Some people are so famous that they only need one name for recognition. And for many parents, that's the type of star-quality they want to bestow on their babies at birth. So move over, Elsa, because you're not the only popular name in town.

As Huffington Post reports, new moms and dads (but probably mostly moms) are looking to famous musicians for baby-name inspiration. Can you guess a few before reading any further?

We don't want to play any favorites, so here are the names in alphabetical order.

Aaliyah: The name has made the chart of 100 top U.S. baby names since the singer's tragic death in a plane crash in 1994.

Adele: It's one of six Adel-names (including Adelyn, Adeline and Adelina) currently in the U.S. top 1000.

Beck: He was born "Bek," but is no doubt reason for the rise of the name Beckett, which is getting hotter after reaching spot 279 on the U.S. popularity chart.

Beyoncé: Duh. At least 2,000 parents over the past 15 years have named their daughter after the Queen Bee.

Drake: Actually, it's the rappers middle name, but it's still in the U.S. top 300 for babies' first name.

Jay-Z: Spin-off names for the rap mogul abound, with Jace and Jase now among the top 100 baby names, and Jayse making it into the top 1000.

Jayceon: Better known as The Game, the real name of this rapper debuted at No. 206 in 2013.

Litzy: Short for "Elizabeth" in Spanish, it's the name of a famed Mexican singer and actress. Litzy left the U.S. top 1000 names in 2013, but expect it to make a comeback.

Pharrell: No blurred lines here. Hundred of boys have gotten this name since the musician-producer-fashion designer launched his career in the early 2000s.

Rihanna: Another middle name, the name was unknown before a famed songstress from Barbados came onto the music scene. In 2008, more 1,000 newborn girls were given the name Rihanna.

Sia: There's no numbers on Sia yet, but the Australian singer of the same name is expected to lead the next baby-naming trend after the success of her hit "Chandelier" in 2014.

Would you name your child after any of these famed musicians? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments.

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Image via Instagram/Beyonce

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