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15 Soon-to-be Extinct Baby Names

If you thought parents like Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, Pete Wentz and Lil' Kim were missing a screw when naming their children Apple, Apollo Bowie, Saint Lazlo and Royal Reign respectively, just wait.

There are other baby names on on the endangered list—and once you see it, you'll probably understand why. While retro names are having a moment (Mabel, Alice, Olive and Otis, anyone?), names too old and hip to be considered full-circle or cutting edge are on their way out.

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Nameberry.com recently put out a list of 15 names that only five babies were given in 2013, which means they are trending toward extinction.

Alpha: This name peaked in popularity in 1880, was last seen on any kind of list in 1944, and shall hereafter only be known as the first letter in the Greek alphabet. (Your as-yet-to-be-named-future baby thanks you.)

Barbra: Lady Streisand made this spelling a must-have, although since it hasn't appeared on many birth certificates since 1971. It is moving over to the must-not column.

Claudine: Names ending in "-ine" and "-een" are now has-beens.

Elmo: For obvious reasons.

Icarus: Icky? Apparently so.

Inigo: No-no.

Nanette: If you give birth to a grandma, this name is fitting. Short of that? Not so much.

Sheba: Five girls were given this name in the United States in 2013? Poor girls.

Sondra:This name had a good 60-year run starting in the 1920s. These days, though, any name close to Hurricane Sandy has been collateral damage.

Thisbe: The figure that inspired "Romeo & Juliet," the name is as doomed as the star-crossed lovers.

Llewellyn: Despite being the titular character of a Coen brothers film and a popular name in Wales, it's cold as ice in the U.S.

Remus: Yeah. No.

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Sherwood: The name was at its most popular in the 1930s. Now, there's not enough babies with that name in the forest to make a sound.

Waldo: He's not on any popular name list.

Zelma: Unlike her sisters Thelma, Velma and Selma—Zelma is on her way out.

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