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31 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is rough. It's hard on your body, it's hard on your emotions and it's just plain hard. But it's also an absolute beautiful time of life and one that, once you're done, you kind of miss. Today, I'm focusing on the good parts of pregnancy, and sharing what other moms miss about being pregnant.

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"Me time. It's few and far between now that my baby is my number one priority!" –Katie R.

"Eating whatever I wanted, and blaming it on 'cravings.'" –Claire D.

"I miss peace and quiet. When I was pregnant, before having any kids of my own, I could relax, take a bubble bath, paint my nails or read a book, daydreaming of my sweet babe I was cooking. Now, I'm lucky to get 5 minutes of peace before somebody needs me!" –Lucy R.

"Being the center of attention. When you're pregnant, it's pretty much all about you, all of the time. Now, it's all about baby. I kind of miss having the spotlight, to be honest!" –Claire D.

I miss feeling him move and kick the most. It was like our little secret between him and me.

"I miss the automatic personal space. Everyone backs up to make room for the pregnant mama." – Bri T.

"Being able to eat a big meal and not feeling like I have to suck it in afterward." – Mel B.

"Being able to spontaneously say 'YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!' to my husband." –Katriel B.

"The anticipation of knowing if I had a boy bump or a girl bump!" -Rachael

"Mostly I miss the sweet movements of my girls inside. Nothing more miraculous." – Melanie B.

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"I miss taking him everywhere with me!" –Lindsay

"I miss being healthy during my pregnancy, knowing that I was already taking care of my little guy. Whether it was eating well, getting extra sleep, drinking a ton of water, exercising—I loved knowing that it was all for him." –Jenn B.

"Being extra spoiled by my husband!" –Laura N.

"I truly miss that feeling of oneness. Like we were one being." –Ina S.

"Most of all I miss my beautiful pregnancy hair! It was the best it's ever looked!" –Pamela S.

"I miss not having to worry about the size of my booty, because my bump was always bigger!" –Taylor T.

"I miss the feeling of knowing the very thing I created and love more than life itself is moving and growing inside of me—it's the best feeling ever!" –Mel C.

"My leg hair stops growing when I'm pregnant. I only shave once a week at most. It's awesome!" –Verna M.

"I miss having him so close. Sitting in his car seat in the back seat feels too far away!" –Brittany L.

"I miss the little tumbles and kicks from my baby! It's so special to be able to bond with your baby before you even officially meet them." –Marci W.

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"It seemed like whenever I was having a rough moment during my day, my daughter would give me a little flutter kick. It was my reminder that life is more than stressing about the little things. I miss that. Although now I just look at her and I get the same reminder." –Melissa C.

"I miss how feminine I felt! It might seem crazy, but in between the morning sickness and being super uncomfortable near the end, there were these amazing moments where I felt so in tune with my body and the little life growing inside me! I could feel myself glowing—it was the best!" –Ash W.

The anticipation is what I miss most.

"I completely miss the 'safe' feeling. I felt like I lost so much control once she was delivered." –Erika L.

"I miss feeling him move and kick the most. It was like our little secret between him and me. Once he came out I had to share him. Having him be born into the world was one of the best days of my life, but it was also bittersweet because my 'secret' was out. " –Kathy B.

"I miss feeling like a celebrity! People opening doors for me, letting me cut in line at the grocery store, offering seats for me, giving me a helping hand, being overly friendly to me and paying me sweet compliments about how great I looked … even though I felt like a whale." –Dani M.

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"When I had a rough day I felt like he just knew and would wiggle around, as if he was reassuring me it's OK." –Ash H.

"I loved how he was always with me. It's definitely tough after they're born and going back to a full-time job. I feel like I'm missing everything!" –Beth C.

"I miss the excitement, the planning, the praying over a new life, the heartbeat (the best sound on earth), outfit-planning, name-picking, the round belly, labor, my midwives and the bonding between me and my husband." –Stephanie S.

"I miss strangers being friendlier and how the bump was a conversation starter. The hair is my second choice—I'm missing it now especially as it's all falling out! "–Casey M.

"I miss the excitement of watching my body change and grow each day." –Kaity S.

"I loved the absolute joy imagining the tiny miracle my body was growing, like I was being used for the most incredible purpose!" –Amber M.

"The anticipation is what I miss most. There is something amazing about waiting for your baby!" –Taylor T.

What do you miss most about pregnancy?

Image via Katie Michelle Reyes

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