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The 10 Worst Parts of Taking a Pregnancy Test

Who would have thought one little test designed to tell you if you're pregnant or not in the comfort of your own home could become the source of so many mixed emotions? When trying to conceive a baby, a pregnancy test can easily become your best friend or your worst enemy. Right now, my relationship status with pregnancy tests is complicated, and here are 10 reasons why.

1. Remembering to take it first thing in the morning. I don't know about you, but I'm often on autopilot as I wake up in the morning. One of the first things I do is head straight for the bathroom. No matter how impatient I was about wanting to test the night before, I've been known to completely forget come morning. The words that have flown out of my mouth as I finish going only to realize I missed my one shot at the best reading are not safe for work.

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2. The potty dance as you open the test package. Is it just me? My only remedy is to use a cup, but sometimes I must dance while locating it, too.

3. Being worried you did it wrong. Did I keep it pointing down good enough? Was it in the stream or cup long enough? Too long? How could this be hard to do?

4. Getting an error. It's like the test gave up. It doesn't know what is going on with your body either. Better hope it wasn't your last test.

5. Is that a line or not? Hard-to-read tests suck. Searching for a hint of a line that is not there sucks too.

6. Feeling like it was a wasted test. I hate taking a test only to discover Aunt Flo has indeed arrived. That is incredibly frustrating because you kick yourself for not waiting one more day.

7. You can never just pee on one. Never buy just a single test. No matter what your result is, you will want to pee on another one just to make sure. It's like the law of pregnancy tests.

8. Waiting. There is so much waiting when you're trying to have a baby! You have to wait until you've missed your period. Or, if your cycle is irregular, you have to wait beyond when you think it should have arrived, but who really knows if it's accurate. Then you are supposed to wait for the first morning urine. When you take the test you have to wait the specified amount of time to get results.

9. The cost. Those tests are expensive! Even if you get a good deal on them, the costs add up month after month. When I see too many negatives, but no period, I sometimes spend more because I decide to try a different brand just in case.

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10. The big fat negative. By far the worst part about pregnancy tests is being so sure you feel pregnant only to have the test tell you no, you're not. It gets harder to see after trying for quite awhile. It's a huge letdown.

What do you think is the worst thing about taking a pregnancy test?

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