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My Top 5 Picks for Celebrity Doulas

Doulas are golden for mamas who really want that extra attention during labor and delivery. Having one during my first pregnancy put me in such a relaxing state that, when it's time for another pregnancy, I'll definitely be having a doula. But what if some of my favorite celebrities were also doulas? How cool would that be? I sat around brainstorming and trying to think about which celebrities I'd want to be around for such a special moment.

1. Kate Middleton

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Maybe it's her royalty, but I'm not sure Kate would be 100 percent OK with being a doula. Still, let's pretend. There's something about her energy. She comes off being so incredibly personable and kind that I think her gentle spirit would be such an asset during childbirth. I could imagine her speaking nice and positive words, saying things like "Come on, Mum, you can handle this wave." She'd be incredibly helpful and positive.

Plus, she can bring Prince George to the birth, who can hang out with my oldest daughter. Later, we'd all celebrate with tea.

2. Erykah Badu

Considering Erykah is an actual doula, mother and superwoman who has given birth at home, I know she'd help me rock my birth. She'd put on one of her jams from the '90s (I'm thinking "On & On"), light some candles and put me in a trance. She'd help me with my breathing, wrap my hair up in a glorious head scarf and help me deliver my baby in a cool and calm way. I mean, the woman is chill, so I know if anyone can help me focus and keep my peace, it'll be my girl, Ms. Badu.

3. Salma Hayek

I've been a fan of hers for many years. Not only has she given me an incredibly wonderful and nature-based cosmetic line, but when she publicly nursed a hungry baby that wasn't hers, I just knew that woman and I were kindred spirits. Because Salma practices yoga, I'm pretty sure she can help me with prenatal yoga moves. She may even know some back massage tricks that can help me work through contractions should I go through back labor. Since she's a breastfeeding advocate, I know she wouldn't leave until she ensured that my newborn and I have established a breastfeeding relationship. And, after all is said and done, she'd put a coat of her nail polish on my nails, making sure that I don't forget about taking care of me while caring for my new baby.

4. Pink

In my head, Pink and I have been friends for quite awhile now. Because she's my homegirl, having her as a doula won't even feel strange. It'll pretty much feel like a friend hanging out at my house while I happen to be giving birth. Pink will keep me laughing and prevent me from feeling insecure if I've shown a little too much skin. She may even pull out her guitar and jam a little bit to keep my mind off of things. More than anything, she'll keep me laughing and make me feel like an effing superwoman during each contraction. After I've delivered baby, she may or may not recommend we go for tattoos in six weeks. To which I will likely say, "Hell yeah!"

5. Jada Pinkett-Smith

When I think of powerful women, I think of Jada. She's multitalented and the woman's body is beyond incredible. I dig her health-conscious initiatives, so I know Jada would help me stay healthy during my pregnancy. She's got a playful side, so I know she'd be super fun to be around. We'd watch reruns of "A Different World," and I would try very hard to refrain from telling her about that little obsession I had with her husband—back when I was a teen.

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After birth, I'd then hire Jada as a personal trainer, because, I mean, look at her. Wouldn't you?

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