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10 Things Pregnant Moms Google

1. Pregnant. Is my life over?

That sense of panic can hit even those moms who planned and waited anxiously for the positive pregnancy sign. You might have felt anything ranging between "I'm a little nervous" to "What have I done?"

Don't worry, soon-to-be mama, I know it feels like you've just taken on a big responsibility (you have). But you're also going to be one half of a lifelong love that's hard to understand until you've experienced it yourself. And life is far from over: It can take time to find your bearings post-baby, but we all get there. You might even feel like a more expansive life has just started.

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2. Can I eat spicy foods/sushi/hot dogs/basically the only things I'm craving?

It's so frustrating to be told you can only eat cooked sushi when all you want is a big plate of sashimi. Many expectant moms forgo some of their favorite foods as a precaution. I'll admit: I caved and ate things on the restricted list from time to time.

3. Cute maternity clothes

Once your bump starts to round out, you start searching for cute maternity clothes. It's one of the perks of pregnancy and might be one of the few times you search for clothes thinking, "Will this make my belly look more pronounced?"

4. Non-ugly diaper bags

Searching for baby gear is fun, but it can also be exasperating. There are stylish diaper bags out there, but you have to wade through many a saccharine print before you find the right one.

When I was pregnant, the idea of birthing in a tub strewn with rose petals sounded like a dreamy way to give birth.

5. How big is my baby fruit chart (a.k.a: how cute, my baby is the size of a peach!)

As weeks roll by, it's exciting to think of your baby's growth. I loved searching for the fruit equivalent of my baby—a blueberry, a peach, a banana. It's adorable—until the produce starts getting to pumpkin and watermelon proportions.

6. Natural birth videos

Brave search. When I was pregnant, the idea of birthing in a tub strewn with rose petals sounded like a dreamy way to give birth. Reactions to natural birth videos are often, "Yes, this is totally my style" or "Nope, nope, nope." In the end, there was no tub nor rose petals for me.

7. Epidural not that bad?

After watching natural birth videos, you might wish to find out about medicated birth too. Whatever you decide, it's smart to research your options beforehand, because once you're in labor, you won't exactly feel like reading Google search results.

8. Do I really need nursing bras?

Short answer: Yes. Unless you plan on free-breasting it.

9. Pregnant how big am I going to get?

This weighty subject is something most moms think about at some point in their pregnancy. It's hard not to when your doctor is tracking your weight gain at every visit. I tried to view each extra pound as a step closer to meeting my baby. If you have a body-positive pregnancy, you'll enjoy it more.

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10. Overdue ways to induce labor NOW

They say the months will fly by, but it might not always feel like it. I was mentally prepared to give birth at 37 weeks, but it didn't happen until close to 41 weeks. Phew! I tried spicy food, walking and pregnancy acupuncture before the big day finally came.

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