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15 Things Only the Very Pregnant Understand

In the third trimester of pregnancy, many of us are just plain over it—over elastic wasitbands, over the constant trips to the bathroom and really over the waiting.

You're ready to meet that baby who has been elbowing your ribs in the middle of the night and to no longer be pregnant!

Here are a few of those charming things about pregnancy you may be ready to say goodbye to.

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1. You no longer appreciate discussions about the size of your bump.

You probably enjoyed watching your bump grow in the beginning and maybe you even smiled as grandmothers cooed over you in the checkout line, but now the comments have turned into, "Whoa!" "Any day now!" and one of my least favorite: "You are ready to pop, eh?" It's OK to give these chatterboxes the stink eye.

2. Peeing is just something you do—every 15 minutes.

Actually you go pee and by the time you're done washing your hands, you think you should probably go pee just once more.

3. You're ALWAYS the warmest person in the room.

Can someone bring in a fan please?! (This will continue the first couple of months post-birth.)

4. You have only one speed: the shuffle.

OK, OK, it's a full-blown waddle.

5. Your boobs and hair are rocking it. Pin-up style.

Don't forget to document your curvaceous body in all its glory with plenty of photos! And those breasts are going to swell up even more if you're nursing, so wait to make that nursing bra purchase.

6. The nursery is packed with baby gear like swaddles and nearly every size and style of onesies.

But you're sure you're missing something that your baby absolutely needs.

7. You actually miss pants with buttons and zippers.

Sure, maternity clothes are pretty comfy with their elastic waistbands that allow you to (literally) let it all hang out, but you're craving a return to more stylish gear that doesn't just pull on like a senior citizen's track suit.

8. Kegels, Kegels, Kegels!

9. Getting into and out of bed is a process.

Before drifting off to dreamland (yeah, right), you'll need to set up your pregnancy pillow fortress. And getting out requires three-point turn precision. Luckily you've worked out a pretty successful roll off the side of the bed and haven't fallen yet.

10. Others must regularly tie your shoes for you.

This is if you haven't already ditched your normal shoes for a pair of nail salon flip-flops that can accommodate your swollen feet.

11. You ogle thin women—and then curse them.

Remember when you could button your jeans? Remember when you didn't have to adjust the driver's seat to fit behind the steering wheel? Remember when you could make it up that set of stairs no problem?

12. Passing by a bar causes you to make vows to drink more often next year.

Soon, my teetotaler mama, soon.

13. You spend more time with your OB than your partner.

You've heard all their best belly jokes at this point, know where their kids go to college and their opinion on the best local real estate investments. Yet, in the last month of your pregnancy, the doctor will often want to see you every week or even multiple times a week if you're overdue. Yep, ready for a little conscious uncoupling.

14. You obsess over your "hospital bag," repacking it again and again with new items you hear are a must.

Pillows! Lollipops! Music and scented candles?! Five outfits for the baby.

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15. The floor is covered in things that you cannot bend down to pick up.

Pro-tip: Invest in a pair of extra-long BBQ tongs. You can thank me later.

Images via Rose Gordon Sala

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