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10 Things That Will Make You Cry During the First Trimester

I'm not the type of girl who is easily brought to tears. Sad movies don't turn on the waterworks and my frustration usually comes out in fits of yelling, not tears.

But, as with everything else in the first trimester, things are a changin'! I'm now the token girl with a tissue tucked up her sleeve and it's used daily for tears of happiness, sadness and everything in between. Pregnancy hormones are raging without my consent and I've got a laundry list of things making me cry these days.

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1. Speaking of Laundry ...

Oh my goodness, my need for extra sleep and lack of motivation has thrown the house into a bit of chaos. The laundry is piling up, I can't stand the smell of the doing dishes and you can forget about worthwhile activities with my kids. It's movie day every day for a little while. Waaaaa! Send a housekeeper and a babysitter STAT! I want to sleep for the next month.

2. Disney Songs

We've been on a heavy rotation of Disney movies and my 2-year-old adores romping around in just his diaper while pretending to be Tarzan. While he goes ape, jumping on the couches, I'm a crying mess listening to the lyrics of "You'll Be In My Heart."

3. Three Babies!

No, I'm not pregnant with triplets, but the mere idea of raising three little humans—my daughter, son and now the baby I'm pregnant with—gives me ALL THE FEELINGS. I'm so happy, so scared, so in awe, so overwhelmed. And all those feelings lead to blubbering tears.

4. I'm So Tired

I just looked at the clock and it's 3:12 p.m. Nap time is over and bedtime is just shy of 5 hours away. I'm so tired. Exhausted, really. I'd call in the backup troops, but the whole idea of first trimester relief is a few centuries out in social reform I suspect.

I just opened the fridge to discover that SOMEONE has finished off my juice. MY JUICE. My pregnancy nectar, my one safety. Do they really want to see this explosion of tears?

5. The Battle of Food Decisions

I'm hungry, but nothing sounds good—let alone, smells good. All day, everyday. I finally decide what I can stomach (a meatball sandwich). I call it in (because Lord knows I can't stand the smell of preparing one at home,) pick it up, take a bite and ... yuck! No way can I stomach this. Tears! So hungry, so lost on what to try next.

6. And Then, Someone Stole My Food

I have a few staples that tend to give me the calories needed to grow this baby. This week, it's oatmeal, Fruity Pebbles (which makes me want to cry in and of itself, because who eats that sugar crap for a real meal? Apparently, me!), apples with peanut butter and orange juice. Sadly, I just opened the fridge to discover that SOMEONE has finished off my juice. MY JUICE. My pregnancy nectar, my one safety. Do they really want to see this explosion of tears?

7. Watching My Kids Grow Into Big Siblings

My daughter is 4 and obsessed with the idea of having a baby in our family. Daily, she says, "I just can't believe we're having a baby! I cannot wait to see it and snuggle it and kiss it!" Such sweetness! Cue the sappy tears of love. Today she snuggled up on the couch and quietly rested her hand on my stomach. "I'm just going to wait patiently for the baby to move, OK?" she whispered. Again, melt my heart and wipe away those happy tears.

8. Pregnancy Emails

When my inbox dings and I see a pregnancy update email, I know to grab the tissues. I honestly love reading about how my little one is developing week by week. It's truly amazing to learn what my body is doing and how quickly this baby is growing.

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9. "Call the Midwife"

You've obviously found a glutton for punishment in me. If thoughts of my own baby make me cry, why would I sit down weekly to watch birth stories? Birth stories with English accents, nonetheless! Whether it be happy home births or parents dealing with a tough diagnosis, you can guarantee I'll be sniffling through the entire hour of my favorite program.

10. Thinking About Labor

Because really, am I signing up for THAT again?

Who else is in the first trimester boat with me? What has led you to run for your box of tissues lately?

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