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You Know You're Pregnant When ...

Some women know right away when they are pregnant. Call it mother's intuition, if you will. Some women have no clue until they start feeling a little funny and come to find out they've been pregnant for months! All women have a different story to tell about the moment they realized they were pregnant and we thought it'd be fun to pose the question: "When did you know you were pregnant?" Here are their responses.

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"I knew I was pregnant when I spontaneously took a pregnancy test and lo and behold, there were two little lines! I was nine weeks along. I seriously felt like I belonged on that show, 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant'!" – Katie R.

"I found out when I went to have a procedure done at a hospital and they did a blood test. Unplanned but gladly accepted. I'm glad my husband was with me to hear the news!" – Abenaa K.

"My husband knew when I asked him to pour me a glass of milk. I never drink milk." – Kate E.

"I always know when I start feeling exhausted during my normal workouts. Like I literally can't do them without taking a break every two minutes!" – Alison C.

"I threw up everything I put in my mouth for days." – Brianna A.

"My boobs felt like they were on fire! I knew something was up." – Alycia C.

"I knew I was pregnant when I missed my period and started turning into an emotional mess. I cried at everything … including the positive pregnancy test." – Jamie R.

"Peeing. All. The. Time." – Bria S.

"My legs were super restless and uncomfortable at night." – Arella A.

"I was way late before I even realized I was. I kept putting off taking a test because I was terrified of it being negative. Then I started to feel pretty nauseous most days and so I finally gave in and took a test! That positive popped up so fast! Happiest moment ever!" – Lauren C.

"I was incredibly thirsty at night—a symptom I've never heard anyone mention! I also just felt run down and prone to stomach aches for a couple of months." – Jen J.

"Third babe … I wanted a Reuben sandwich in the worst way, which was my typical pregnancy craving with my first two. I didn't think anything of it then my husband joked about being pregnant and I started doing the math! Peed on a stick and the line turned positive before I could even wipe! I've been a hormonal mess since!" – Red H.

"My hair got super greasy! I would get out of the shower, blow dry it and it would already feel greasy." – Haley P.

"I was much more tired and could not stand the taste of cider beer which is usually my favorite! That was my first sign. Then I kept having dreams that I was carrying a little boy … and sure enough the baby was a boy!" – Samantha S.

"I had a random sudden desire to have a cherry limeade from Sonic and I haven't had one in years. The next day we went to a restaurant with friends and I had to have a steak and I never order steak at restaurants. Those were my first two clues." – Meg H.

"I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 5 months gone, I genuinely thought I was just bloating and had a food baby. I went to the doctor, thinking it was a food intolerance and he did a few tests, then bam! Poor guy, it was his first week too." – Marla M.

"I wanted to sleep all day and my boobs hurt! There was also a kind of mother's intuition, too." – Fallon L.

"I got dizzy while riding in an elevator and I was suddenly able to pick up scents like a hound dog!" – Megan G.

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"I got car sick just by instantly getting in a car and I was crazy tired, but still somehow blamed my period that never came! I found out at 9 weeks. Also, I was eating omelets morning, noon and night—and I hate eggs!" – Erika D.

"I was in the middle of marathon training and out of nowhere every single run was so exhausting and tough!" – Ashley B.

"I have insomnia when I'm pregnant. So when I was binge watching Netflix at 1:00 in the morning, I knew." – Jen W.

"My boobs were huge! It happened over night. My husband noticed, of course, and commented on it." – Kathy B.

"It sounds crazy but I just knew. My husband and I were on vacation in Greece. I woke up one morning feeling completely different, sat straight up in bed, turned to him and told him I was pregnant. He didn't believe me until we got home a week later and I took a pregnancy test! Mother's intuition at its finest!" – Jessa B.

"I had mild cramping (I rarely get cramps), which my doctor had told me would be a sign. Also, I was really grumpy and I'm rarely grumpy, so I took a test and it was positive!" – Kristen L.

"Before I missed my period or took a test, our dog, who is constantly at my husband's side, became super protective and attached to me. He slept by my side of the bed and followed me everywhere. I had heard that pets can sense when a woman is pregnant, so I bought a test and, sure enough, it was positive!" – Amanda M.

"I was in the backyard with my mom just talking and out of nowhere she asked me if everything was OK because my boobs were a lot bigger. I didn't answer her right away because as soon as she pointed it out I was thinking, 'Oh crap!' We got in the car and drove to a pharmacy to get a pregnancy test, and on the way home right around the corner there was a mama duck walking across the road with her baby ducklings. It was totally random; we had never seen ducks hanging around! My mom immediately said, 'Oh my gosh, it's a sign!' Sure enough, the test was positive, and so were the other three I took! – Emily B.

"I noticed when my husband and I had adult time, I recognized the swollen feeling from my first pregnancy." – Kelly O.

"I was working midnights and on my lunch I got a snack. It was a Reese's peanut butter cup and a Pepsi (the only two cravings with my first) and then it dawned on me!" – Tam T.

"I made my lunch and then got so nauseous I didn't eat it. My husband said, 'Are you pregnant?' and then a week later I tested and found out our little girl was on her way!" – Juliana M.

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"With my first, I was working as a nurse. I was in with a patient on the labor unit who was getting her epidural. My manager happened to just pop in to check on me and see how the patient was doing. I said, 'She's fine, but I feel extremely lightheaded,' so then my manager took over for me while I went to sit out at the desk. One of the nurses said, 'I bet you're pregnant,' and I went home that night, took a test and, sure enough, I was!" – Andrea P.

"My boobs were huge. I was super weepy. And I woke up one night and felt to pray for new life. A few weeks later, on my birthday, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. When I showed it to my husband he just said, 'What does that mean?'" – Helen A.

"I gagged in the automotive section at Walmart because the smell was SO intense! I couldn't physically make it through the day without napping and I was starving 24/7. Then one night I had a dream that I was having twin boys. Before that day, any time I had ever had a baby dream, it was always a girl. I was so sure when I took the test at 5:00 a.m. that it would be negative. I kept rubbing my eyes when I saw the two lines, thinking it was in my head. I took two more that day and two digital tests a day later, just to be sure." – Mandy M.

Image via Katie Michelle Reyes

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