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6 Types of Pregnancy Test Takers

Taking a pregnancy test is a very unique life experience, but not everyone takes a pregnancy test in the same way with the same motivations. Back when I first started having babies nearly 20 years ago, pregnancy tests were pretty relaxed. The ones you could buy in stores were extremely expensive and promised results "as early as five days after your missed period!" Back then, a pregnancy test was pretty much an afterthought, one you only really considered after your period had for sure checked out for the duration. Now, however, you can get a positive test nearly a week before your period is even due and you can buy a fistful of them at the dollar store for barely any money.

By the time I got pregnant with my fourth baby, I had gone through three years of infertility and may have become a little obsessive about testing there towards the end—actually, I was completely obsessive about it, and wound up taking tons of tests before I got my first big fat positive. And then I kept taking them. And everyone thought I was nuts. But I'm not alone. While some people take a pregnancy test only after they miss a period, others go through stacks of them.

What type of pregnancy tester are you?

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1. The "Oh, I'm late" Tester

This pregnancy tester doesn't even think about taking a pregnancy test until she realizes the day her period should have come has passed her by. She takes a test, and if it's negative and another week goes by with no period, she contacts her doctor, like the packaging says.

2. The "I'm waiting" Tester

This gal waits for her expected monthly gift to arrive, because she feels taking a pregnancy test before it's due would be a waste of time and money. She's so reasonable! Why couldn't this have been me?

3. "I have a stash" Tester

This hopeful mom-to-be has an impressive pregnancy test stash somewhere in her home (possibly hidden), and she's not afraid to use them. She might buy them in bulk online (yes, you can do this, and yes, I totally have done so myself,) or she may shop sales to get good deals. Either way, her stash is amazing and she probably doesn't wait until the last minute to test, because she doesn't have to.

4. The "Just a bit early" Tester

This woman is content to wait through most of the agony of the two week wait, but the closer the day comes, the more willing she is to pop open a pregnancy test or two.

5. The "I'm 5 DPO" Tester

Hey, you never know. This chick ovulated five days ago and there is a teensy chance she'll get a Big Fat Positive (aka BFP) so she can go ahead and use up some of her tests because she bought them online for cheap. Just do it, girl! And do it again tomorrow. And the next day. And so on.

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6. The "I'm pregnant but I can't stop taking tests" Tester

This was totally me. After suffering through three years of blank-ass pregnancy tests, I was over the moon to finally see that second line appear. So I kept doing it. I used up what I had, then I bought some that I'd always wanted to try—just because I couldn't get over that crazy feeling of "Hell yes!" I experienced every time it popped up positive. Not only was it fun to experience over and over, but in my own immortal words captured on a caption of a positive pregnancy test, I felt like I was telling them off. "Take that, blue dye test!" I wrote, and meant every word.

Image via Monica Beyer

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