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Pregnancy Might Stop You From Aging

Pregnancy made me feel a lot of things: swollen, hungry, sweaty, cranky.

But what it didn't make me feel was "rejuvenated" in any way shape or form. And yet, a study out of a medical school in Jerusalem says that pregnancy may do just that for women.

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The study discussed the theory that because pregnancy is the only time in a woman's life when she shares a blood system with her baby, the pregnancy may actually act as a source of regeneration for her cells and tissue.

"In recent years, studies in mice have shown that transfusion of blood from young animals to old ones can reverse some aging effects and increase regenerative potential similar to that seen in young animals," the study declared. "Because pregnancy is a unique biological model of a partially shared blood system, we have speculated that pregnancy would have a rejuvenating effect on the mother."

We are sucking the life out of our children ... who then return the favor by sucking the life out of us forever.

To test their hypothesis, a team of researchers studied some knocked-up mice and found, lo and behold, that pregnancy really did "rejuvanate" some aging cells in the mother mice. They looked at muscle cells that had been previously damaged and checked if they improved at all after the mothers' pregnancies. They found that the damaged muscles did rejuvenate themselves as a result of the mothers' pregnancies, showing significant improvement. Unfortunately, the muscle rejuvenation was temporary and only lasted about two months after delivery.

The research seems to suggest that women who are pregnant may have more of an ability to self-heal and that pregnancy itself may slow down the aging process. Maybe it's the body's way of helping us heal after the physical trauma of childbirth? And maybe that could explain why some women seem to "bounce back" a lot faster? Those pathways just may be working differently in some of us.

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Our overall takeaway from these studies (and feel free to tell me if I'm reading this incorrectly) is basically that as moms, we are sucking the life out of our children to help guard against the rest of our lifetimes spent with our children, who then return the favor by sucking the life out of us forever. Because it's only fair.

So you heard it here, folks—next time you're feeling like a little rejuvenation, forget the trip to the spa. All you need is another baby.

Image: Chaunie Brusie/ j&j brusie photography

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