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Why I Purged My Baby Stuff While TTC

When I was pregnant with our first baby, we got everything we thought we needed plus some. We acquired an enormous amount of baby clothes and baby gear. (Who needs six strollers, five diaper bags and two travel cribs?) As my daughter outgrew stuff, I wouldn't even consider selling it or giving anything away because I wanted more babies. What a money saver it would be to start with everything we needed for the next baby! So as my son outgrew baby gear and clothes, I packed everything up again. You know, just in case (since we hadn't decided for sure on having anymore kids.)

The amount of stuff grew exponentially. Of course, I needed to keep girl clothes, boy clothes and neutral clothes too. Baby No. 3 would have all the essentials covered. This seemed like a great idea until I started to cling to all the baby stuff despite feeling like I was drowning in clutter.

The purging started slowly last fall. I justified reselling some of my kids' clothes and toys at a consignment sale so I could use that money to upgrade their wardrobes to the next size. It was basically trading in their smaller clothes for larger sizes at the sale. I began to feel less guilty as more spaced opened up in the nursery.

As we got ready for a big multi-family rummage sale, I dug through my closet, storage boxes in the basement and even my kitchen cabinets. Anything we weren't using and could part with had to go. All the baby gear loomed over me. Do I keep it? We're trying to have another baby. That was my excuse for keeping everything for years.

But what if we don't get pregnant again?

All that stuff began to take an emotional toll on me. I'm already feeling less confident as each unsuccessful cycle goes by. I needed to take some of the weight off of my shoulders. Purging baby stuff helped relieve some of the pressure I was putting on myself. I needed to let it go.

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Once I made the decision to get rid of a couple things, it became easier. I still kept a couple bins of newborn and toddler clothes, small baby toys and a few other items we still use. This way if our TTC journey ends without a baby, I won't have to deal with a mountain of stuff later. Besides, even if I got pregnant this month, we wouldn't need most of that stuff. For now we're enjoying the space we reclaimed. Plus, one of my favorite things to do when I get pregnant is to shop for the new baby.

How long did you hold onto your baby gear and clothes?

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