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Just Gonna Say It: Pregnancy Sucks

I know, I'm an awful person for saying this, right? What kind of woman publicly admits that pregnancy sucks? Well, an honest one. Me.

I have no problem being grateful for the wonderful baby growing in my stomach and simultaneously wishing I could speed up 40 weeks of gestation because, guess what? For some of us, that whole "pregnancy glow" crap is a bunch of bull.

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For some women, pregnancy sucks shortly after a woman realizes she's pregnant. Mamas like me can't even get excited and celebrate because we're too busy tossing our cookies (and everything else) in the toilet. We feel like terrible people for complaining, but we also have a difficult time functioning while doing anything that requires us to sit upright and pay attention.

That whole "morning sickness" thing is an absolute crock of ginger, because any woman who has ever suffered from nausea and vomiting during pregnancy knows that it can happen at any time of the day. In extreme cases, many of us deal with it for days, weeks and months without any breaks. It's a miserable existence but, of course, you can't go around talking too badly about it because at least you've got the opportunity to carry life, right?

The second trimester is usually hailed as the best trimester of the three, and I'm not going to lie, during both of my pregnancies, I have had little to complain about once I hit the 3-month mark. Of course, somehow it seems as if this trimester is the quickest. You get all comfy, maybe you've stopped hacking and what do you know? You've got an adorable little baby bump. Said bump isn't so large yet, but it's small enough to excite you and everyone else around you. It's a glorious time and you may even start doing some mild shopping to get you in the "OMG, I'M HAVING A BABY!" spirit.

And then you blink and before you know it, you've entered the third trimester.

The third trimester truly lasts the longest because, if you're a woman who thinks pregnancy kinda sucks, you're already completely over it. Why it takes 9 to 10 months for a human baby to completely bake is beyond me. I'm grateful we aren't elephants, because they're in there for almost 2 years.

I would never be able to last that long, and the third trimester is why. All of the yucky symptoms that reared their ugly heads during first trimester reemerge. The fatigue, the nausea, the breast tenderness, the cramping and mood swings pop up, and you are barely equipped to deal with them because oh, your baby is heavier this time. Your stomach is larger, you're slowing down and your back is pretty much just busted. It's a tougher time, and you know you're near the end. But having people text you, "Baby close yet?" every few days makes you angry, anxious and violent.

Pregnancy sucks, people. Yes, I know everyone has that friend who floated through her pregnancies. She never complained, revealed the real struggles behind it (if she ever had any) and led you to believe that all pregnancies are pretty awesome.

This isn't true. There's no pretty way to paint this picture. It just is.

However, mamas who have difficult pregnancies aren't any less in love with their children. We may complain and struggle each day, but this doesn't mean we aren't worthy enough for our children. This doesn't mean we won't be great and attentive parents. Our babies will be born with healthy hearts, lungs and brains, and we'll be ecstatic.

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We will also be relieved to not be pregnant anymore, because, if you haven't noticed, for some mamas, pregnancy sucks.

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