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5 Ways to Dress a Summer Baby Bump

Summer can be tricky for pregnant moms who aren't quite ready to announce. Here are some tried-and-true tips from a San Diego gal for disguising a burgeoning bump, even in hot weather.

After having three babies back-to-back in bikini-clad California, I've executed just about every stomach smoke screen in the book. If you have plans to announce on your own terms, here are the best ways to keep things under wraps for as long as possible.

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1. Oversized shirt. Pair a large top with skinny jeans or leggings for a look that's on-trend without seeming sneaky. Dress it up with cute accessories to further distract from extra poundage that may be lingering around your waistline. You can even opt for something with chunky buttons or a large collar. Go extra big and tie the excess in a knot at your waist for a fashion fix that screams "modern" instead of "mommy."

2. Vest. Throw a vest over just about any outfit for a quick cover-up that disguises your midsection without looking intentionally concealing. Frayed denim or a casual chambray are fashion-forward options perfect for a trip to the mall or a day at the beach.

3. Big bags. Cross-body totes serve double duty as extra storage and a belly-blocking prop. If anyone questions your tremendous tote, just pull something fun out of it and dazzle them with your entertainment options.

4. Overalls. These are back in style in a big way this year! They're typically worn a little loose, so they're the perfect solution for hiding any weight that's hanging around. Pair this laid-back farm look with some shiny shades.

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5. Empire-waist skirt. High waistlines tend to make everyone look a little bit bulky, accentuating curves with floaty layers. The upside of this is that people are likely to chalk it up to the cut of the outfit. For extra concealment, go for a tutu-style skirt with tulle for added fluffiness. Your belly will get totally lost in all the fabric.

Just a few months to go until you can tuck that tummy into oversized shawls. In the meantime, if all else fails, most people will chalk up the baby bump to Margarita Monday and Taco Tuesday. It is summer, after all!

Image via Dollar Stock Photo

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