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Why One Husband Stole His Wife's Pee

I'm pretty sure it's every wife's dream to be surprised by her husband. (At least, that's my constant dream and the "surprise" usually includes a weekend away, a full night of sleep and more than one bottle of wine in my fantasy ... )

But I'm not sure that any wife could have ever dreamed she would be surprised in the way that Nia was when her husband Sam, both vloggers, went where no man has gone before:

Straight into the toilet to steal his wife's pee.

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Sam had a reason though, let's be clear. After his wife had texted him earlier that day that she was two weeks late, he decided that he was going to do a little sneak test of his own while she was sleeping. He bought himself a home pregnancy test (conveniently with a dropper so he didn't actually have to dip the test in the pee) and took advantage of his wife's unseemly habit of leaving the toilet unflushed at night time in an attempt to not wake the baby. And yes, we've all done that, so no, it's not that weird.

"This time around, I'm going to be doing the announcement," Sam explains from the bathroom where he filmed his sneak attack video. "She thinks I'm in here going poop."


That's one small dip for man, one giant leap for mankind.

I would be lying if I said I didn't cringe watching Sam reach his detective-like dropper into the toilet full of urine, but why does it have to be so weird? I mean, women deal with bodily fluids all of the time, and it's kind of cool that a husband can be so not squeamish and even excited about doing a test that so many women have done with nary a second thought. (And be honest: We've all gotten a little pee on us at some point or another with a pregnancy test.)

But regardless, Sam gets the job done, and after some super cute footage of Sam freaking out in the bathroom, he films his wife and their other two kiddos in the kitchen, where they are eating breakfast. (Two questions: If the kids were up, why hadn't she flushed yet?? and If she was that late, why wouldn't she take a test first thing in the morning when the hCG levels are the strongest??)

But either way, her reaction is so fun to watch. "I had all these plans!!" she exclaims. "Are you serious?!"

I think the video over all is so cute and also a little weird because the whole time they are talking to an audience, but I guess that what vloggers do. I mostly just had so many questions about the whole thing: Does he work nights? Why are they using paper plates on a normal, everyday morning? Was the whole thing staged? Is she an incredible actress? Who the heck waits two weeks after missing a period and doesn't take a test?

But overall, I think it's just such a great concept to have the dad really get in on the action (and you really can't get more "in" on the action then sticking your hand into a bowl of your wife's pee!) and turn the tables on what has always been a woman's starring role. That's one small dip for man, one giant leap for mankind.

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I also must say, Nia shows a lot more self-restraint than I ever had when I suspected pregnancy. I tested before my period was even due with most of my kids and tested for one right in the grocery store bathroom because I just couldn't wait until I got home.

But don't worry, I flushed, so no one could go steal my pee for a pregnancy test.

Congrats you crazy kids! Can't wait for the surprise birth video!

Image: Sam and Nia/YouTube

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