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Nope, Not Even a Little Bit Scared to Give Birth

Are you side-eyeing the title of this post? Are you thinking, "Ohmigoodness, she's one of those hippie mothers who's going to tell me how giving birth is so beautiful and transformative and blah blah blah blahhhhh"?

Give me a second, Mama, I may surprise you. For one thing, giving birth is pretty messy. I'm not here to tell you that it's this lovely experience that I'd love to do time and time again.

I will, however, tell you that I've never been afraid of giving birth. In fact, I look forward to it.

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Like many women in America, my first views of childbirth came from television shows. You've got a screaming mama, a bewildered partner and a whole lot of pain associated. Bringing a child into the world looked, well, scary. The one thing that women all over the world do appeared to be terrifying and downright nightmarish. Granted, the pain surrounding childbirth is relative—what's easier for some women is significantly more difficult for others. But, my goodness, why are we conditioned to be afraid of something that, yes, may hurt but happens a thousand times a day by millions of women all over the world?

So, why aren't I afraid of giving birth? Well, what's to fear? The unexpected? The pain? Honestly, Mamas, these are all things that we knew would exist before we got pregnant. Everyone knows that anything can happen during labor and delivery. Everyone knows that it will probably hurt. The acceptance of this and strength in my inner girl power trumped the fears.

Giving birth is no easy task, and it'll take every ounce of your being to hold it together.

"So, you're telling me to get over the fact that it'll hurt, and I, too, won't be afraid of giving birth?"

Yeah, girl, pretty much. As women, we know ourselves and our bodies better than anyone. Don't let someone else's horrific birth story scare you into thinking giving birth is this terrifying experience. Whether you decide to birth your baby under a tree without the presence of a midwife or to let the capable hands of surgeons perform a C-section, trust in your body and your baby. Meditate, pray, surround yourself in a support system. Frolic through a field of daffodils and do what you have to do to eliminate or lessen that fear.

Because that fear is crippling. That fear robs you of your confidence and strength. And, girl, you need all of that and then some when giving birth. Kicking fear in the ass means you can do what you have to do to bring your baby in the world. It's a beautiful feeling. It's one that made every pregnancy hiccup and the pain of labor and delivery almost miniscule.

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Not buying it? I understand that too, Mama. Giving birth is no easy task, and it'll take every ounce of your being to hold it together. But guess what? You will. Your Mother did. Your sisters have, and you've got a sisterhood of millions who have also done it.

You got this.

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Image by Brittany Minor

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