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You Know It's Not Your First Pregnancy When …

Photograph by iStockphoto

I distinctly remember excitedly waiting for my bump to grow when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. It couldn't happen fast enough. I wanted it to be epic. I was going to flaunt that baby bump all over town.

The second time I got pregnant? Not so much. We were just as excited, but that bump started growing the moment I peed on the stick, and I thought, uh-oh, mama is gonna get big! Everything else seemed to happen faster, too. That was just one of the differences between my two pregnancies, I found as the months dragged went on.

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Second pregnancies are usually a little less cute and a little less fun. You've done it before, so you likely have fewer questions and thus less apprehension, but also a little less swagger to your waddle as you expend energy chasing your older one around. Here are a few other things you might experience the second time around.

1. People ask if you are having twins. You're not.

2. Everything is lower: boobs, belly, baby.

3. You give up on buying maternity clothes and steal your husband's T-shirts.

4. The food "rules" go out the window. Hello, deli meat.

5. When asked "how far along," you pause–and then realize you have no idea.

6. You immediately tell your partner to expect an 11-month dry spell. Hell, let's make it an even two years.

7. You look for a little cup to pee in at every bathroom break.

8. You give the side-eye to skinny women pushing single strollers.

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9. You wait to pack your hospital bag until you feel labor coming, stocking it with sweats and extra pads, rather than the silliness you brought the first time around. (Music? Scented oil? Seriously, these are some of the things that are recommended.)

10. Sleep is already a distant memory.

Good luck, mama!

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