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10 Ways Your Second Pregnancy is Different From Your First

Ahh the magic of that first pregnancy. Newfound joy, some trepidation and a whole lot of daydreaming of the fantasy that will be life with your perfect sweet cherub. There's nothing quite like that first time. Then you have the baby, the baby becomes a crazy toddler, and somewhere in there you and your husband have a momentary lapse of judgment and before you know it, another baby is brewing inside of you!

But that second pregnancy just isn't as magical as the first, is it? Here are a few reasons why that may be.

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1. It isn't as exciting. With your first pregnancy, everything is new and exciting. You don't know what to expect. You come to each milestone with butterflies and are overjoyed by it all. The second time around, you're kind of over it and just want that baby already. Don't get me wrong, a baby is always exciting and something to celebrate, but your attitude has shifted just a bit. Maybe it's a good thing, too. It's less about you and more about what's to come.

2. You can't remember how far along you are. The first pregnancy, you probably knew how far along you were down to the days, and definitely the weeks. The second time around, when someone asks you how far along you are, you literally have to count on your fingers because you honestly have no idea.

3. You have an end goal in mind. The first pregnancy you savored every day growing this baby, watching the bump get bigger and bigger (albeit slowly). The second pregnancy? You just want to bypass this waiting period and have that baby already! Being pregnant with a toddler is no joke.

4. You pop way sooner. It seems as soon as you saw those two lines on the pregnancy test, your bump appeared. With the first, it took for-ev-er to pop, and even then you didn't really pop. Oh, no. Now you know what a bump really looks like. And it doesn't just look like you ate a burrito.

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5. You are no longer a delicate being. With your first, you were a princess and treated as such wherever you went. Now, with your burgeoning bump and a wild toddler flailing in your arms, you are mostly just looked at with sympathy and maybe some judgment.

You blink and you're halfway through the pregnancy already.

6. You forget you are even pregnant half the time. You're too busy with your existing little one, who is in need of constant attention, to even remember that you're pregnant most of the time.

7. The birth plan goes out the window. For the first, you spent hours of research and time writing out the perfect birth plan for how that little one was going to come into this world. The second time around, you know better. You know that whatever you plan for is probably going to go out the window, and all you really care about is the best pain medication possible, thankyouverymuch.

8. Nursery preparation is pretty much non-existent. With your first, you spent hours on Pinterest planning the perfect nursery. Your vision boards rivaled those of Martha Stewart and you would dream of your own little piece of heaven in your house. With the second, you throw in another crib to the mix and figure out how to cram in double the amount of clothes into the already bursting drawers of the dresser.

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9. You have never been this tired in your life. You thought those first months of life with your newborn were exhausting? Being pregnant with an active toddler definitely takes the cake. You can't guzzle that one precious cup of coffee you are allowed to have fast enough.

10. It flies by. You blink and you're halfway through the pregnancy already. You could have sworn you just announced to the world that you were pregnant, and then soon enough you find yourself in the home stretch. Your first pregnancy definitely didn't go this quickly... Did it?

Just because you may not have as much time to count the days of your pregnancy or marvel at the new life that you have created, doesn't mean that you love and cherish him any less. This new life is a gift and it will be incredible just how much your love can multiply once you lay eyes on your new bundle of joy. Plus, when things get crazy, you can always pour yourself a glass of wine. The perks of no longer being pregnant!

Image via Katie Michelle Reyes

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