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23 Hilarious Reasons Why Pregnant Women Cry

When you're pregnant, your hormones are all out of whack. You actually cry at the drop of a hat and at the most inopportune moments. We decided to ask some real women what made them cry while pregnant, and the response was overwhelmingly ridiculous. Just like pregnancy. Oh, our poor husbands!

"When I want a milkshake and can't have one. Instant tears." – Bethanie G.

"On the way home from vacation, I really wanted to go to the beach and my heart was set on it, but it would have been way out of our way so we didn't. I sat there crying and then simultaneously laughing at myself because I was being such a baby and I couldn't even help it." – Katie R.

"I cried because somebody ate my leftovers." – Amber R.

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"My cat wouldn't cuddle with me." – Stacey E.

"Commercials get me. I cry at the diaper commercials, insurance commercials, really stupidly sappy commercials that I would have rolled my eyes at before. Oh, I'm a mess." – Kate L.

"My roommate ate all my banana pudding. I cried for hours." – Caleigh M.

"I cry at kitten videos on YouTube. Worst part: I still insist on watching them every day." – Julie M.

"I went to Chick-fil-A on a Sunday." – Sarah A.

"I cried because I ordered my favorite nachos that I had been craving and they gave me less than half of the meat that they usually do. I just sat there, crying into my less-than-stellar nachos. It was pathetic, to say the least." – Kara M.

"When I was pregnant with my daughter, before I knew I was pregnant (but really hoping to be), my niece said, 'Do you know what's in your tummy?' I happily thought she had a sixth sense (as some young children do), and I asked, 'A baby?' She said, 'No! A big sandwich!' I bawled." – Casandra K.

"The Cheerios commercials! There's a little girl with her mom and they are eating Cheerios. The little girl asks her mom if that's what she used to eat with her. She responds, 'Yes.' Then the little girl says, 'So when we eat Cheerios, it's like we are eating with grandma.' That made me cry like a baby! Every. Single. Time." – Kathy B.

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"I cried hysterically at Carrie Underwood's 'See You Again' video and my friend bawled when Usher's 'Let It Burn' came on the radio. Neither of us knew we were pregnant at the time. We then told each other about the bawling hysterics and decided we should both take pregnancy tests. Both ended up positive!" – Carly R.

"I started crying when I asked my husband to pick up some apple pie and he brought home cherry. I still ate it, though." – Maggie F.

"I cried because I came home and my husband didn't turn the Christmas tree lights on. All I wanted was to walk in and see the lights! I totally lost it." – Lindsay W.

"I cried when my dog was laying on my lap and I was just looking at him thinking how much I'll miss him when he's gone. Keep in mind he's only 4 and his breed lives to be 12+ years old." – Kate S.

"My husband and I were in a silly argument and in the middle of it I started crying and told him he better not be burning the biscuits (he was making breakfast). He still makes fun of me for this." – Lacey R.

"My husband ate my leftover Mexican food. He is lucky to be alive today." – Jenna F.

"I cried for days after the nursery was set up because I wasn't sure if the baby would like it." – Laura F.

"I cried once because I was done with my sandwich and it was so good, I didn't want it to be over yet." – Kelly O.

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"I dropped a hot wing right on my bump one time and I started crying and laughing right there in the restaurant." – Makayla L.

"There was a baby gecko stuck in one of the sticky roach traps in our house, and I got absolutely hysterical because I just knew that gecko's mother must be so worried about him and told him thousands of times to be careful. My husband worked for 20 minutes to save him for me. He's a good man." – Maria S.

"I made a frozen cheese pizza and my husband added extra shredded cheese. I got so upset because it became too cheesy and I sobbed like a baby and didn't eat it." – Vanessa L.

"We were out of eggs." – Dana C.

Yep, those all seem like legitimate reasons to cry—right?

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Photograph by: Katie Michelle Reyes

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