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20 Real Moms Share Their Hilarious Pregnancy Brain Stories

Photograph by Photofest

Pregnancy brain. It is oh so real. After a few hilarious forgetful instances of my own, it got me thinking how awesome it would be to read about other's experience with this awesome symptom of carrying a child! And, just as I suspected, pregnancy brain is very much alive and well in all of us.

Some more than others.

"I tried to unlock my house with my car key clicker." – Britt K.

"I filled the ice tray with water and put it into the fridge. Then I was pissed when we didn't have any ice." – Jessica R.

"I found my phone in the refrigerator the other day. Not sure what happened there." – Posey P.

"I left a gallon of milk in the trunk after grocery shopping. I didn't realize until the next morning when I wanted some cereal and couldn't find the milk." – Claire W.

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"I left my coffee on top of my car and drove off. That one stung. I really needed that coffee." – Caitlyn R.

"I made my husband a sandwich for lunch and left the knife in the middle. He thought I was mad at him." – Melissa S.

"I put the laundry in the washer, added the detergent, closed the lid and walked away. I realized an hour later I hadn't turned it on!" – Alyssa I.

"I paid and then proceeded to walk out of the grocery store without any of my bags. Thankfully the cashier yelled at me to come back!" – Joanna G.

"I poured water into my cereal. That was upsetting, to say the least." – Jada D.

"I wanted to make a cheesecake, so I went to the store, got all of the ingredients, got home and started mixing, only to find out I had forgotten the most important part: the cream cheese!" – Lucy R.

"I put deodorant on my toothbrush. Yeah. That was fun." – Ashley W.

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"I have left the stove burners on more times than I'd like to admit. Now, whenever I cook, my husband follows close behind to turn everything off." – Katie R.

"I locked myself out of my house three times, once with my keys in my purse. Of course, I didn't find those keys until after I had already broken in." – Samantha J.

"I was at the grocery store and after the cashier told me how much my purchases were, I stood there staring at her for a full minute, seeing her lips move and hearing her words but making no connection. For a brief moment, I wasn't even sure what I was doing there. I actually got annoyed at her for some reason. I think I was really just annoyed at myself." – Sarah S.

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"I stood in front of the elevator waiting for it to arrive for a good three minutes before realizing it was already there." – Courtney K.

"I never know what day it is. Ever. Thank God for my phone." – Heather M.

"I keep putting the salt in the refrigerator." – Nancy B.

"I forgot how to spell my son's name. That was pretty embarrassing." – Ruby S.

"I drove away from the ATM with my card still in the machine. Thank God no one took it." - Melissa S.

"I used to have the memory of an elephant. Now I just look like one." – Julie F.

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