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4 Maternity Style Rules Kim Kardashian West Breaks

Photograph by Getty Images

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced they were expecting their second baby, we all knew it meant that some striking maternity outfits were coming our way. Whether you love or hate the media sensation that is Mrs. Kardashian West, she's undeniably an expert at getting you do a double take.

Because we're living in the post-Kanye ("Kimye") era of her style, her outfits tend more toward an aesthetic not normally worn by pregnant women. But boundary-pushing Kim is no stranger to criticism. Many have decried her maternity choices as "terrible," "bizarre" or, my favorite, "unflattering." Having been pregnant myself, I'm well aware of the unwritten rules of maternity wear:

(1) Aim for glowing and beautiful.

(2) Try not to look fat.

(3) Your sexy outfit days are over.

(4) Demure over dramatic.

Kim, unapologetic, breaks every single one of these rules. Then she makes her own—and I love her for that. Here are some of the best and most controversial maternity looks she's worn during this pregnancy:

1. Blushing beauty

2. Wearing Kanye's collection

3. Drama and lace

4. Out and about during NYFW

5. Mr. and Mrs. West

6. Bodycon baby bump

7. Ruffled

8. Evening look

9. Cargo pockets

10. Casual mom day

Maternity wear doesn't have to look one way. There's little difference between Kim's usual style and her maternity style, and that's OK. Few women in the public eye have as much as freedom to portray themselves exactly as they wish.

The Kardashians are a curious bunch, being on the receiving end of adulation and disdain alike. It may be that we love and criticize Kim Kardashian West for the same reason—for living audaciously on her own terms.

Her maternity choices will divide opinion. But that's quintessential Kim.

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