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5 Features I Really Want in a Fertility App

Photograph by Twenty20

Back in the day, after getting my first period, I began marking it down on a paper calendar or in the back of my diary. Well, times have changed, and now there's an app—or many apps—for that. I've used several for both my period tracking and my baby-making journey, but continue searching and hoping to find one that will magically figure out when I'm ovulating based on the random data I collect and enter.

So far it doesn't seem to be working.

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They're all dependent on information I need to track and input, such as basal body temperature, cervical mucus, cervix position and ovulation prediction kits. Unfortunately, gathering and entering this data has continued to leave me clueless as to when I ovulate in my cycle. I find the act of charting everything—down to when we have sex—to be stressful and crazy due to my irregular cycles.

What I need is a really awesome app that's essentially my personal fertility detective and takes all the guesswork out for me. These are the five features I really want to see offered:

1. Records basal body temp with a simple touch. If my phone can figure out my heart rate with a finger sensor, taking my temperature can't be too far off. I'd move less if I could do it this way.

I need obvious, direct signs when I'm ovulating. None of this deciphering possible physical symptoms. Just tell me!

2. Syncs up with my ovaries and sends an alert when an egg is about to drop. Texts, flashing lights—the whole shabang. I need obvious, direct signs when I'm ovulating. None of this deciphering possible physical symptoms. Just tell me!

3. Schedules sex on my calendar automatically based on the magic cycle prediction. With notification reminders. My timing game is not always strong, especially when I'm constantly guessing my fertile window.

4. Sends invite to hubby for baby dancing. That's hot, right? At least that way if I miss my notification, he won't.

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5. Reschedule ovulation if the timing doesn't work for me. Because there's nothing worse than missing that one shot at conception because you're too sick to tango.

Honestly, the only feature I truly desire is knowing exactly when I'm about to ovulate. The rest is just icing on the proverbial baby shower cake.

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