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10 Problems Only Pregnant Women Understand

Photograph by Twenty20

1. Sincerely wondering if you're a horrible parent or just a genius for convincing your 3-year-old to paint your toes for you.

GIF by Tumblr

Oh, honey, you missed a spot. Oh, actually, never mind, because you just painted my entire toe.

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2. Trying to talk yourself out of having to pee because you just got comfortable in bed. (Finally.)

GIF by Tumblr

Seriously. It's like actual torture.

3. Trying to hide the fact that for seemingly no reason at all, you can't stand the smell of your husband.

GIF by Groupthink

It's one of the strangest but truest phenomenons that has happened to me with every.single.pregnancy. I hate the smell of my own husband for nine whole months and then the second the baby is out, poof—no repulsion whatsoever.

4. Dropping something on the floor and genuinely, seriously considering if it's worth bending down to pick it back up.

GIF by Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

If it's not food or an essential, it's staying on the floor.

5. Taking 20 minutes to arrange 5,000 pillows around your body just to sleep for an hour before you have to pee again.

GIF by Reddit.com

It never, ever fails. The exact second you get comfy is the exact minute your bladder will decide to burst (See No. 2 above).

6. Feeling a sneeze coming on and being very, very afraid.

GIF by Tumblr

Pee, baby—it's all kind of scary.

7. Accidentally knocking one of your small children over with your belly.

GIF by Tumblr

How many times can I knock my toddler over? Let me count the times.

8. Miscalculating the distance between two chairs when you try to squeeze through at a restaurant.

Well, this is awkward. Could you kindly remove your chair from my stomach, please?

9. Suddenly feeling a breeze of cold air and realizing you had no idea your stomach was hanging out.

GIF by Tumblr

Not again.

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10. Visiting a regular doctor and automatically feeling the urge to pee as soon as you get there.

We're like Pavlov's dogs, minus anything delicious to eat.

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