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12 Things People Say to Pregnant Women

It's inevitable: you're pregnant and therefore up for a myriad of scrutiny and odd (albeit usually well-meaning) remarks, from close family to complete strangers. It seems your ever-growing belly is now public property (excuse me!) and you are about to hear it all. Trust me. Here are some things that people say to pregnant women, when maybe it'd be better if they just kept to themselves.

My advice? Don't take any of it personally and simply smile and shine them on.

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1. "Are you sure there aren't twins in there?" Gee, way to make a pregnant woman feel really great about myself. I have learned to accept and love my changing body, and now you have me feeling like a whale. Just don't say this one, no matter how funny you think it may be.

2. "You don't look pregnant, you just look fat!" Uh, thanks? That's way harsh. Never ever say that one.

3. "Are you sure you aren't further along?" Yeah, I'm pretty sure. My doctor didn't graduate with a degree in medicine for nothing. But maybe I should take your word for it, instead.

4. And on the flip side, "Are you sure you're pregnant?" I may be small, but I am as positive that I am pregnant as the multiple tests that I took were!

5. "You seem to get bigger every day." Well, yeah, I suppose that's kind of the point, now, isn't it?

If you aren't my husband or best friend, you cannot say this.

6. If you have all boys: "You must be hoping for a girl!" or vice versa. How about I'm just hoping for a healthy baby? Isn't that enough?

7. "At least your boobs are finally coming in." If you aren't my husband or best friend, you cannot say this. Just, don't comment on the boobs. Ever.

8. "Do you know what you're having?" Well, we're hoping for a baby.

9. "Are you going to make it to your due date?" That's kind of the idea, but I'm no fortune teller.

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10. "I knew you were pregnant because you used to be in really good shape." Oh, wow. Thank you. Thank you so much for pointing out that fact. I guess the all-day nausea and fatigue have really taken a toll on my fitness.

11. "Was your baby planned?" Is that any of your business?

12. "Who's the father?" If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't.

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